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3 Pests that May Invade Your Attic this Winter

Why hello there, raccoon!On cold winter days, you can’t wait to get home and curl up in the warmth of your heated, insulated walls. Unfortunately, many pests have the same idea. Winter is a common time for attic invaders to drop in for an extended visit; if left unchecked, these uninvited house guests can lead to significant residential pest control problems down the road.

If you think your attic is immune to pest infestations, think again; many pests can squeeze through the tiniest of openings and take up residence without your knowledge. Your best bet is to schedule a home pest inspection, during which an Olympia rodent control or insect control expert can help you eliminate any current infestations and shield your attic against further invasions.

Here’s a look at 3 common residential pest control offenders that commonly sneak into attics during the winter:

1. Rodents. Mice, rats and squirrels all love to burrow into your insulation and make their winter nests there. Any Seattle or Olympia rodent control pro can tell you that mice need only a dime-sized hole to squeeze through, whereas rats can sneak through openings the size of a quarter. Rodents will make a real mess of your attic, contaminating your insulation and other stored items with their diseases-laden urine and feces, so it’s a good idea to keep any infestations in check with a home pest inspection.

2. Cockroaches. Roaches prefer dark, damp, warm places, which is why they, too, seek respite from the cold by burrowing into warm attics. Not only can these nasty buggers carry diseases, but their saliva and droppings can trigger asthma attacks, particularly in small children. These pests are master hiders, so a painstakingly thorough home pest inspection is needed to identify an infestation.

3. Raccoons and opossums. Even larger pests such as raccoons and opossums are frequently able to sneak into attics. Many homes have a gap between the shingle line and gutter line, allowing larger mammals to slip through. A residential pest control company can help you seal off this gap and keep raccoons and the like out.

[ Photo by: Benimoto, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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