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Winter Pest Control Warning: Keep an Eye Out for Rodents!

In November 2013, rodent pest control company Rentokil issued a press release regarding the dangers that rodents pose during the winter months. Eden Pest is a Rentokil-approved pest control company in the Pacific Northwest.

The press release highlighted that rodents infest about 21 million homes in the U.S. every winter. They often enter and exit homes through cracks as small as a dime. When it comes to rodent control, Portland homeowners find that prevention efforts always pay.

Rodent Risks to Health and Property                                  

Rodents are carriers of the deadly hanta virus and salmonella, which a person can contract by handling an infected rodent or coming into contact with rodent waste. Rodents can also spread bacteria and trigger allergic reactions.

Rodents have sharp teeth that expertly gnaw through several different materials. In addition to gnawing through walls, they often sink their teeth into items like cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bags as they nest and search for food. Rodents are also keen at gnawing on electrical cords, exponentially increasing the risk of a fire on a property.

Signs of an Infestation

  • Gnaw marks and holes in food packaging.
  • Noises in the walls or ceilings, or at night.
  • Droppings and urine.
  • Musky odors.
  • Trails and tracks in dusty areas.

Rodent Control Methods

The best way to control a rodent infestation is to prevent one. Simple rodent pest control methods include:

  • Sealing your home. Inspect the interior and exterior walls of your home and seal any cracks that you find, regardless of how small they are. Mend or replace broken screen.
  • Removing access to food and water. Avoid leaving food out in the open, particularly overnight. Store pantry items that come in a paper, cardboard or thin plastic packaging in glass, metal or hard plastic containers with secure lids. If there’s a leak in your home or on your property, promptly fix it.
  • Being clean and tidy. Rodents love messes. Avoid clutter and vacuum and dust regularly. Store seasonal items in hard plastic bins with lids instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Have a beautiful yard. A messy yard is like an open invitation to rodents. Keep your lawn trimmed, weed often and avoid leaving debris (like leaves) on the ground. In addition, cut back tree limbs that overhang the roof. 

If you think that your home has a rodent problem, immediately call a rodent control Portland professional like Eden Pest. The expert will inspect your home and can clean rodent waste in a way that keeps you and your family safe.

Call Eden Pest for a free inspection today.

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