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What it means to be an Integrated Pest Management Company

One of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from the public is, “What makes your company different from all the other pest control companies?”

Our answer, “Sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM)… working with nature, not against it.”

Eden is not your average pest control company.  Eden’s IPM approach pinpoints the source of a problem and then determines the lowest risk and most effective tactics for best solving the pest concern(s).

Our strategies include physical exclusion of the pest, removal of harborage sites, habitat modification, and consistent monitoring of pest activity.  When chemical treatments are required, products with the least toxicity are selected and treatments are directed with attention to remote locations and seasonal timing to reduce unnecessary pesticide usage.

Other pest control companies treat pest problems with the quickest and least involved methods, such as generalized chemical spraying. This may be a quick, short-term fix but can cause long-term reoccurring problems. The initial conducive conditions will thus remain the same, allowing pests to re-infest when the chemical is no longer present.

Eden’s IPM approach breaks this cycle of infestation and provides modifications that drastically reduce pest incentives to infest… assuring a healthy, pest-free environment. After several years of providing a successful IPM program we have taken our resources to the next level with an even more sustainable approach to pest management, a green approach.

Eden’s Natural Choice (Green) program gives clients the option to be entirely environmentally friendly. When product application is unavoidable, Eden will only choose ECO-EXEMPT products, containing organic ingredients and natural insecticides. These products are considered minimum risk by the EPA and do not require federal registration.

Overall, Eden is dedicated to knowledge and research on the behavior and biology of pests, modern treatment tactics, and current environmental issues. Eden technicians and inspectors experience extensive training and education as well as thorough background checks. We hold our company to a higher standard and take pride in knowing that our customers are satisfied enough to refer Eden to their family, friends and neighbors on a regular basis.

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