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What Eden Pest Control is Up to During December

Cozy Winter Home

As friendly reminder about pest management, Washington and Oregon residents should keep in mind that certain pests are more likely to affect your home during the cold winter months. December is when residential pest control technicians stay busy with the following targeted services:

  • Rodent-related inspection, prevention and control.
  • Spider egg sac removal to prevent a spider infestation.
  • The use of dormant oil to reduce the number honeydew-producing, soft-bodied insects—like aphids—while they’re still dormant for the winter.
  • Springtime wasp and ant prevention.

Thanks to Eden’s Enhanced Service Program, when it comes to pest control, Oregon and Washington homeowners don’t have to worry about how seasonal pest trends may affect them. The program offers year-round natural protection from pests based on their specific habits. In addition to controlling and preventing pests, the proactive residential pest control program reduces the need to use pesticides—good news for your family’s health and the environment.

Give your home a holiday treat by signing up for Eden’s Enhanced Service Program. By starting now, you’ll make an important step to preventing unwanted pests that emerge in the spring and summer months. Contact Eden to learn more.

[ Photo by: Randen Pederson, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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