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We Don’t Kill Bats, and Why You Shouldn’t Either

Do you have bats in your Roseburg, OR, attic? If so, don’t panic or try to exterminate them on your own. Bats can carry harmful microorganisms that may make humans very ill; so bat removal should only be attempted by the professionals at Eden Pest. Despite their less-than-charming reputation, bats are not all bad. They actually account for a quarter of all mammals, making them an essential part of the ecosystem. At Eden Pest, our bat control methods focus on removing, not killing, these generally unwanted but extremely important animals. 

How Bats Affect the World Ecosystem

Bats have important jobs. If you think they just hang around and waiting for an opportunity to swoop down and scare people for fun, you haven’t heard the whole story. Bats hunt damaging insects that destroy beneficial plants, including ones that end up on our dinner plates. In fact, some bats can catch and consume up to 2,000 insects per night. Many bat species fertilize plants with their guano, and some even pollinate plants and spread seeds that ensure forest renewal. In a nutshell, we need bats. Unfortunately, these allies to the plant kingdom are becoming threatened through pesticides, diseases and natural habitat destruction. 

What Is Happening to American Bats? 

Recently, bats have come face to face with an even deadlier foe than humans. An unusually resistant fungus called Pseudogymnoascus destructans is the cause of the mysterious “white-nose syndrome” that has all but decimated bat populations in America. The fungus makes its appearance as a light dusting of white on the noses and wing tips of affected bats. It’s not clear how white-nose syndrome kills bats, but it seems to wake them up too early from their hibernation. Because there is little or no food available in the cold temperatures, the bats starve to death. If bat populations continue to dwindle, the problem will have an enormous impact on the U.S. agriculture industry, which relies heavily on bats for natural insect control. 

What to Do When You Discover Bats

If you discover little brown bats hanging out in your personal space, don’t try to kill, remove, or otherwise disturb them. Instead, notify pest control immediately. In doing so, you could actually help save the species. While we don’t want bats in our Roseburg, OR, homes, we do want them to survive. At Eden Pest, we are committed to using state-of-the-art, Eco-friendly and nonfatal bat removal methods. If you need assistance with bat control, contact Eden Pest today to schedule an inspection.

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