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Types of Ants and What They Do

Ask any professional pest control company and they will say the same thing: The number one household pest in America is the ant. Ants are quite beneficial to have surrounding your house – they aerate the soil and kill off other pests such as termites, bed bugs and flies.

But there are quite a few ants that can become a major nuisance, if not a downright threat. The following are three types of ants commonly found in Northwest homes:

1. Carpenter Ant

These ants are diggers – they will burrow in walls, support beams and other important parts of a home or structure. Carpenter ants can be found in porch pillars, roofs, decks, windowsills and wood that is touching the ground. If you believe you have a carpenter ant infestation, a local pest control company will be required to locate the nest before the ants do major damage to your home.

2. Odorous House Ant

Odorous house ants are a problem for many homeowners because of their tendency split off from the main nest and start a new colony in another location. Homes that become infested with these ants will typically become re-infested again and again until all food, water and shelter sources have been removed.

3. Pavement Ant

Pavement ants prefer to nest beneath stones, under cracks in pavement and next to buildings. They typically enter the home through cracks in the foundation’s concrete. They have an aggressive nature, particularly toward other ants, and frequently invade and colonize seemingly impervious areas.

Typically, when ants are spotted in the home, they are merely the tip of the infestation iceberg. Effective pest control for ants often requires the help of a local pest control company to locate and eliminate the nest.

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