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Top 3 Most Romantic Pests

HoneybeeWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air. This time last year, we discussed the top romance killers of the pest world. This year, we’re switching it up with a look at some of the most romantic pests that have been identified by local pest control companies.

If the thought of a romantic pest seems incongruous to you, keep in mind that a Portland pest control company routinely sees the best of the best and the worst of the worst. And some insects really do help ratchet up the love factor, such as:

1. Fireflies

What is more romantic than a warm evening illuminated by the twinkling of lightning bugs? Portland pest control companies don’t typically see fireflies in our area; they’re more common east of the Rockies and can usually be found near bodies of water or when it’s humid outside. But when traveling with your sweetheart, this is one pest you don’t want to shoo away. (Interesting side note: The mood lighting this love bug creates isn’t necessarily for your enjoyment; it’s actually a way to attract a mate.)

2. Crickets

Girls dig guys in a band. Male crickets are among the most romantic pests because of their capability to chirp. The guy with the best music attracts the most females and intimidates nearby male crickets. After a romantic encounter with a female, a male cricket will chirp a song of joy.

When crickets enter your home, they can become a local pest control nightmare, keeping you up all night with their joyful chirping. In the wild, however, they can provide the perfect soundtrack for romance.

3. Honeybees

On their own, honeybees aren’t that romantic; it’s the sweet and waxy substances they produce that can create loving feelings. Honeybees pollinate the flowers you give your sweetheart, as well as the cocoa plant that makes chocolate. Their wax lights up a romantic, candle-lit dinner, and you use their decadent honey to sweeten your favorite treats. In this regard, the honeybee is the like the ultimate wingman.

[ Photo by: stacey.d, on Flickr, via CC License ]


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