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There are ants in my pants (and my house!)

Recently, while researching blog topics, I asked my best friend what her pressing pest mysteries were. What great knowledge could I pass on that would help her sleep better? The reply – none. She prefers her pest mysteries to stay that way, and I venture to say that goes for most of us. Bugs outnumber all other animals at a ratio of 4 to 1 according to the University of Kentucky[i]. If somehow we were able to become aware of every single insect in or near our structure, we’d probably have a meltdown.

So – that begs the question. When does something as natural as cohabitating with the most populous type of creature turn into a problem? At Eden, we often receive calls from our customers about a variety of insects, and we put them into a couple of different categories: beneficial pests and nuisance pests. Of the nuisance pests, there are those that are troublesome, and those that can create serious health problems. This is where Eden excels at residential pest control – we work with you to eliminate the nuisance insects without harming beneficial insects, and put your mind at ease about whatever little creatures are sharing your humble abode with you.

Let’s use ants as an example. Ants are commonplace creatures that live around our homes, and for some of us, within our homes at a low level. Of course, levels of tolerance differ from person to person – I can tolerate ants but the idea of having earwigs in my home terrifies me. Some ants, such as carpenter ants, cause damage. Other ants, such as odorous house ants, have somehow figured out how to commit psychological warfare against an unsuspecting human who forgot to wipe up their coffee ring. Either way, they need to go. We can help you resolve this problem with minimal application of products, and we even offer green pest control methods to tackle the maniacal infestation. The benefit? We can do this without affecting the population of honeybees that visit your box garden every spring.

Other ants, such as the ones nesting outside your home in the neat little habitat your kids like to look at are harmless and often wander into our homes accidentally. Our technicians are carefully trained at identifying insects, and love to share all of their knowledge. They’ll identify the pest for you and quickly put you at ease – these guys don’t want to take over, they just got lost. An application isn’t necessary (see how a little time and expertise can save time, money and the environment?).

So, to summarize – some bugs are good, and some bugs are bad. The bad bugs drive us crazy, and the good bugs can sometimes wander in. A technician well trained at residential pest control, and specifically organic pest control, can help us to discern the difference and give us a little peace-of-mind in this bug-eat-bug world.



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