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The Future of Bed Bug Research

bed bugs next to a pennyBed bug traps are effective at monitoring the presence of the nocturnal insects, but they aren’t as helpful for capturing large populations, which researchers need to conduct studies. In an effort to enhance and simplify the capturing of bed bugs in the field, French researchers created a special vacuum cleaner. The device not only aids in research, it proves effective in bed bug pest management. With the new knowledge that researchers will gain, Portland and Seattle bed bugs will be a thing of the past…once again.

A Leap in Bed Bug Pest Control and Research

To capture bed bugs, researchers typically use mouth aspirators. While they’re simple to use, aspirators don’t offer protection from diseases and aren’t always powerful enough to capture larva and eggs. After performing tests on different handheld vacuum cleaners, the researchers settled on a high-end model that was lightweight, affordable and held a battery charge for a significant amount of time. They modified it by replacing the canister with a sampling vial and using a special nozzle that wouldn’t harm the bed bugs. They also added a plastic vial and trap door. 

When the researchers used the modified vacuum to collect bed bug samples from an apartment, they captured over 700 insects in less than 15 minutes. Of the bed bugs and eggs collected, 90 percent survived the process. The researchers easily removed the bed bugs from fabric, crevices, wood and walls. In their study, placing the vacuum in a freezer (without the battery) for 72 hours killed the collected bed bugs and any insects trapped within it. 

Why this Matters

When it comes to Seattle and Portland bed bugs, pest control experts are excited about the French study because successfully collecting a large quantity of specimens in the field in a safe, effective manner is challenging. As bed bug species evolve, simply using insects bred in a laboratory setting isn’t enough to fully understand their habits, biology and physiology. Furthermore, a vacuum collection device controls bed bugs in a manner that doesn’t damage the environment or pose health risks. French researchers also used the vacuum to collect lice. They plan to make modifications to attempt the capture of fleas and mosquitoes.

It only takes one bed bug to create a massive infestation in a home. If you suspect the presence of bed bugs in your home, contact Eden as soon as possible. Our methods use the latest bed bug pest management techniques and are earth-friendly and more effective than dangerous chemical sprays. Set up your free inspection today.

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