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Western Subterranean Termites: Do Not Disturb!


Termites are a home’s worst enemy, as any Roseburg pest control company can attest. One of the most prevalent and destructive species of termite in the Pacific Northwest is the Western subterranean termite, particularly in urban areas.

Western subterranean termites love to eat Douglas fir and similar types of lumber used for the construction of buildings. They eat the internal sections of timer, preferring the spring wood, and leave the summer wood sections of lumber behind. The result is thin, hollowed-out sections of wood that resemble a honeycomb. Because of the destructive and vindictive nature of these pests, it’s best to leave termite pest control to the pros.

The Ninjas of the Termite World

Western subterranean termites are secretive and rely on stealth to enter buildings through unrepaired or unnoticed cracks as small as a 1/8 inch in walls, patios, concrete slab, expansion joints, fire hearths and so on. In addition to wood, these termites can eat through the rubber compound in concrete, and they can travel under tough types of flooring in order to get to the timber in a building. Because these wood eaters are so stealthy, many homeowners do not realize they have a termite pest control problem until the infestation is well-established.

Do Not Disturb!

Like the mafia, Western subterranean termites have a well-ordered social system, as well as acute survival instincts that allow them to communicate with pheromone signals. If you discover the insects and attempt to practice termite pest control on your own, the disturbance may prompt the pests to secretly cause new damage to different areas of the building as a form of revenge.

Your Roseburg pest control company will have special baits used to eliminate termite colonies, including the queen, without disturbing the nest. Therefore, the best thing to do if you discover Western subterranean termites is call a Roseburg pest control company ASAP.

[ Photo by: bareego, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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