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Hobo Spiders in the News!

Hobo spiders are becoming a more common pest in homes across the Northwest. Spider pest control experts state that views regarding the hobo spider’s danger are split—some think their bite is dangerous while other think the evidence is inconclusive. As the summer weather cools, Oregon and Washington pest management companies state that the fall is […]

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Phantom Fire Alarms? You Might Have a Spider Problem

Is your smoke alarm going off even though there’s no smoke or fire to trigger it? If you open the smoke detector (or have someone else do it), you might find the culprit: spiders! This unusual occurrence is happening around the country, and sometimes at the most inconvenience times of the night. Oregon and Washington […]

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Eden’s Guide to Spider Pest Management

Spiders—whether you don’t mind them or hate them, most people agree that they don’t want them in their homes. Spider control is a task that you can take into your own hands using the following guide that Eden’s Oregon and Washington pest management experts put together. Spider Identification Washington and Oregon spider control begins with […]

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