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Hobo Spiders in the News!

Hobo spiders are becoming a more common pest in homes across the Northwest. Spider pest control experts state that views regarding the hobo spider’s danger are split—some think their bite is dangerous while other think the evidence is inconclusive. As the summer weather cools, Oregon and Washington pest management companies state that the fall is […]

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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take a Bite Out of Your Summer Fun

With summer in full swing, the West Nile virus already found its way to the Northwest. Oregon and Washington pest management companies report that mosquitoes carrying the virus infected people in southwestern Idaho. Professionals trapped infected mosquitoes at the Oregon State line in early July 2015. The mosquito-borne chikungunya virus has also made its way […]

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Washington Pest Management News: The Hunt for Gypsy Moths

In 2014, Eden reported about the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s annual campaign to trap and monitor the invasive gypsy moth. The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) does the same every year by placing around 16,000 cardboard traps in rural areas, residential neighborhoods and business districts. By knowing how gypsy moths look and about their […]

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The Health Benefits of Wine… For Butterflies?!

Losses in natural habitats have led to the decline of around 50 butterfly species in eastern Washington. After wine growers and University of Washington researchers conducted experiments using sustainable pest management systems, they accidentally discovered that their efforts increased local butterfly populations. Because of the earth-friendly pest control, Washington wine growers that created a natural […]

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Finding the Right Company for Your Pest Control Needs

Think all Oregon and Washington pest control companies do the same thing? Think again. It is not unusual for pest control professionals to have different practices in regards to their approaches and services provided. By knowing when to enlist professional help and what to seek in a contractor, you’ll get rid of your pest problem […]

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The Eden Family Does it Right [Infographic]

At Eden, we are a big family. In addition to being a family-oriented Oregon and Washington pest management company, we started out as a small family business. Now that we’ve grown, we continue to operate as a family throughout our various locations in the Pacific Northwest.   What makes us a family? The values and qualities […]

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Before You Deck the Halls, Inspect!

‘Tis the season for boughs of holly, merry wreaths, cozy fires and freshly cut Christmas trees—not accidentally bringing bee hives, termites, spiders or other pests into your home. Before bringing outdoor elements into your home, Washington and Oregon pest management experts urge you to inspect them well for unwanted guests. Put the following tips on […]

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Eden’s Guide for a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

The only thing that our Oregon and Washington pest management professionals want you to worry about his season are baking the perfect turkey and eating your fill of pumpkin pie. The chilly fall months are the time of year when pests tend to make untimely appearances. Eden’s pest control experts bring you their best tips […]

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The Importance of Pollinator Health

Last year, Oregon pest management professionals reported the sudden death of 50,000 bees—about 300 colonies—in the Wilsonville area and a similar incident in Hillsboro after spraying insecticides containing imidacloprid and dinotefuran in trees. Bee populations nationwide decline between 23 and 34 percent every year. In response to these and other incidents, agencies like the U.S. […]

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Eden’s Guide to Spider Pest Management

Spiders—whether you don’t mind them or hate them, most people agree that they don’t want them in their homes. Spider control is a task that you can take into your own hands using the following guide that Eden’s Oregon and Washington pest management experts put together. Spider Identification Washington and Oregon spider control begins with […]

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