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Pest Control for Termites: How to Prevent a Spring Invasion

While it’s true that termites are less active during the winter months, that doesn’t mean homeowners should forget about residential pest control until the weather warms up. Spring is generally considered the boom season for termites, whose populations will burgeon quickly once the sun comes out. As any local pest control company can tell you, however, […]

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Residential Pest Control: Termites vs. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants and termites have a lot more in common than most people would think – especially when it comes to pest control. Termites and carpenter ants are, in fact, responsible for a large chunk of residential pest control house calls each year. This is because both are wood destroyers, and wood damage remains the […]

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Pest Prevention: Why Cleaning Your Gutters Can Help

You’ve probably heard roofing companies and landscape designers tell you the importance of clean gutters, but did you know that a clear-running gutter system is also a great preventive pest control method? Clogged gutters can create ideal breeding grounds for many types of home pests, as well as cause structural damage to your home. The […]

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How to Check for Subterranean Termites

Unlike other household pests, a termite infestation can be difficult to spot. You may be going through your day-to-day routine, blissfully unaware that within the wall next to you an active termite colony is doing major structural damage to your home. Following are a few tips for catching a termite infestation before it does too […]

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How Pest Baits Work

Aerosol pest control sprays have become an unfortunate fixture in many American homes. They may work at getting rid of pests on sight, but most sprays are toxic, smell bad and don’t effectively wipe out the entire infestation. To reach the source of an infestation, many professional pest control services use pest baits as part […]

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Buying a Home? Don’t Skip the Pest Inspection

If you’re like most people, buying a new home is a huge investment. It requires making sure everything is in good condition before you sign any papers. Some homeowners, however, forget one important aspect of the whole process: pest inspections. This is an unfortunate oversight, as pest infestations can lower the value of your home […]

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Moisture Control and Pest Prevention

Most homeowners realize the damage water can do in the form of mold, mildew and wood rot, but few people also consider the fact that moisture can also attract pests into their homes. Termites, cockroaches and many other unpleasant home invaders love damp, cool climates. In the winter, this means they will be attracted to […]

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Do You Know What’s in Your Woodpile?

A fireplace or wood stove can be a wonderful, cozy way to heat your home in winter and save on electricity bills. However, the firewood you use to fuel your problem can become a pest control problem if not properly stored. The woodpile is a common source of home pest infestation, as it makes a […]

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