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Eden Pest Knows Pests: Deer Mice Drum When Disturbed

Washington pest control experts warn that the fall months are when deer mice tend to make an appearance in homes. If you have an infestation in your home, you may hear the mice if they get upset, are disturbed or feel threatened because they drum on hard surfaces with their tiny front paws. Other signs […]

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The Dripline: What it is, and What it Means for Pest Management this Spring

A dripline is the path created by dripping water from areas around your home, such as gutters, irrigations systems and air conditioning units. Particularly in rainy areas such as Portland, Eugene and Tacoma, pest control experts find that poor dripline management can lead to the increased presence of pests such as millipedes, rodents, spiders, birds […]

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Pest Control for Commercial Property Owners: Washington State Licensing Requirements

Pest control for commercial property applications is an ongoing job. From monitoring and prevention to controlling an infestation, performing due diligence can help keep tenants happy and healthy – and save a property owner money. Tacoma pest control experts know there are several things commercial property owners and managers can do to keep infestations at […]

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Tacoma Pest Control Extends to UW Library Books

Tacoma pest control specialists reveal that even university libraries aren’t safe from bed bug infestations. In December 2012, the University of Washington’s library was a victim of bed bugs, giving the pests the opportunity to further spread to student housing and beyond. An Itchy Situation When it comes to pest control, Tacoma experts reveal that […]

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