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Seattle Rodent Control: Keeping Rats out of Your Home & Business

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, particularly in the city’s historic cellars, you may have noticed one of the its more unflattering problems—rats. While rat infestations are common in big cities, Seattle home, business and restaurant owners are seeing more than their fair share as they exhaust their traditional […]

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Eden Pest Knows Pests: Rats are Very Resilient

The rat-to-person ratio the U.S. is 1:1. When it comes to rodent control, Portland residents will find that natural rodent control is more effective than inhumane tactics. The reason that rats are so hard to get rid of is because of their resilience. Rats can: Survive being flushed down a toilet and re-enter a home […]

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Seattle Rodent Control: 10 Signs You Have a Winter Infestation

Home rodent control is essential to the safety of your family and home. If you notice any of the following signs of a rodent infestation, immediately call a Seattle rodent control specialist: 1. Noise. Rodents aren’t quiet, especially at night. You may hear squeaks or noises that sound like RC cars within walls or other […]

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Seattle Rodent Control: Eliminate Pests through Exclusion

Seattle rodent control experts state that, like humans, rats and mice prefer to stay cool during the warm summer months. Rodents are more likely to invade homes when there’s a lack of rain and the dwelling presents a water source. Rats and mice are destructive and pose safety hazards to your health, electronics, home, food, […]

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Seattle Rodent Control: What to Do if You Find Mouse or Rat Droppings

One of the last things you want to find in your home (or office) is rodent droppings or urine. Cleaning this type of animal waste isn’t the same as cleaning up after one of your pets, because certain rodents (including deer mice) can be carriers of the Hanta virus, which is dangerous to humans. Exposure […]

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Seattle Pest Control: Spring Flooding a Reminder to Keep the Rats Out

When the snow begins to melt and the rains contribute to the rise of nearby bodies of water, displaced rats start to come out of hiding. The rats in the Seattle and Puget Sound area aren’t quite like the sewer rats of NYC that don’t mind the occasional swim – they’ll be seeking refuge from […]


Rodent Control Tips for Winter

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… or so you thought. Unfortunately, winter is a common time for rodents to nest inside homes, where it’s warm and dry. Because the winters are chilly in Seattle, rodent control and infestation prevention are important for the health of your family. Seattle pest control companies state […]

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Common Winter Pests – and How to Prevent Them

Winter is not generally known as the most active month for pests. However, any winter home pest inspection will likely reveal at least a few unsavory house guests. Just as humans huddle indoors to escape winter’s chill, insects and rodents are attracted to our heated homes, where they can usually find food (i.e., human food […]

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Bats, Rats, and Spiders: Halloween’s Stars are Your Home’s Villains

Never does a person see so many bats, rats and spiders than at Halloween, when these cringe-inducing pests become the darlings of haunt manufacturers everywhere. If simply walking down the Halloween aisle at the store makes you want to call a Seattle pest control company, you’re not alone. It’s no accident that many of the […]

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