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How Apples Solved the Mystery of Life

Many Seattle, WA residents enjoy picking apples from the boundless apple trees that the state is famous for, but what they probably don’t know is that the popular fruit is helping to answer a question that has puzzled scientists for decades. A recent apple-related discovery has both baffled and delighted researchers. For the first time […]


The Health Benefits of Wine… For Butterflies?!

Losses in natural habitats have led to the decline of around 50 butterfly species in eastern Washington. After wine growers and University of Washington researchers conducted experiments using sustainable pest management systems, they accidentally discovered that their efforts increased local butterfly populations. Because of the earth-friendly pest control, Washington wine growers that created a natural […]

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Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month

April is Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that invasive pests cause $120 billion annually in damages, as they harm native species, the environment in which they don’t belong and local agriculture. To aid with their campaign, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) division of […]

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Eden’s Guide for a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

The only thing that our Oregon and Washington pest management professionals want you to worry about his season are baking the perfect turkey and eating your fill of pumpkin pie. The chilly fall months are the time of year when pests tend to make untimely appearances. Eden’s pest control experts bring you their best tips […]

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Seattle Rodent Control: Keeping Rats out of Your Home & Business

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, particularly in the city’s historic cellars, you may have noticed one of the its more unflattering problems—rats. While rat infestations are common in big cities, Seattle home, business and restaurant owners are seeing more than their fair share as they exhaust their traditional […]

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Oregon Pest Control for Students in Dorms

Student dorms can be a paradise for pests. With the freedom college students enjoy while they’re away from home, it’s all too easy to let go of clean habits – and this is exactly what pests want. Oregon pest control companies find that they answer many of the same campus complaints as Seattle pest control […]

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Seattle Pest Control Company Tackles Ants in the Garden

Seattle pest control companies warn that if you have aphids in your garden, there’s a good chance that there are ants nearby – and vice versa. The two insects have a symbiotic relationship, which means that in order to practice the most effective ant control, Seattle residents must also learn to control aphids. Ant and […]

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Coping with Bed Bugs: Tips for the Traumatized

Seattle bed bugs are unwanted intruders of the night that bite and multiply when you’re most vulnerable. Although these bloodsucking pests are generally believed to pose no serious health risk, they’re still one of America’s most despised pests simply because of the psychological damage they can inflict. Even if a Seattle pest control service helped […]

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Bed Bug Removal May Not Be the Best DIY Project

With the recent wave of bed bug infestations over the last several years, Seattle pest control companies have discovered that blasting the pests with 120-degree heat is one of the safest, most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs – unless you’re one of two Indianapolis men who accidentally set their home on fire trying to […]

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Eden Pest Nominated for 2012 Top Places to Work

Here at Eden, we value our employees’ happiness and have worked hard over the years to develop a positive, enriching workplace. It’s great to know our efforts have paid off – we’ve been nominated for the Business Examiner’s 2012 Top Places to Work award! The award recognizes outstanding companies in the South Sound area that […]

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