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The Future of Bed Bug Research

Bed bug traps are effective at monitoring the presence of the nocturnal insects, but they aren’t as helpful for capturing large populations, which researchers need to conduct studies. In an effort to enhance and simplify the capturing of bed bugs in the field, French researchers created a special vacuum cleaner. The device not only aids […]

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Eden Donates Services to Banish Bed Bugs from Elderly Couple’s Home

A Seattle-area couple who could not afford pest control services to eliminate their raging bed bug infestation found relief when the specialists at Eden Advanced Pest Technologies stepped in. The frail, elderly couple’s bed, sofa, carpeting and other furniture were teeming with bed bugs. Unfortunately, the homeowners didn’t have the means to keep up with […]

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Dogs Can Help Sniff Out Seattle Bed Bugs

When it comes to finding those often elusive Seattle bed bugs, the pros don’t need high-tech devices or chemicals. All it takes is a specially trained dog. As tenants and would-be homeowners are encouraged to inspect prospective residences for bed bugs before closing a deal, they can now get the answers they seek in a […]

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Bed Bug Tips for Northwest Frats and Sororities

While it offers many social benefits, going Greek can also give students a new set of nightmares in addition to those 15-page term papers, comprehensive final tests and the occasional pop quiz. The rise of bed bugs across the U.S. means these psychologically damaging pests are appearing on college campuses, like the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. […]

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Coping with Bed Bugs: Tips for the Traumatized

Seattle bed bugs are unwanted intruders of the night that bite and multiply when you’re most vulnerable. Although these bloodsucking pests are generally believed to pose no serious health risk, they’re still one of America’s most despised pests simply because of the psychological damage they can inflict. Even if a Seattle pest control service helped […]

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Seattle, Tacoma Make Top 50 List of Bed Bug Cities

Tacoma and Seattle bed bugs have made their preference clear: This Pacific Northwest region is prime real estate for these bloodsucking pests. The Seattle/Tacoma area made the list of top cities for bed bugs, coming in at number 27 out of 50 – an improvement over last year, when we ranked number 24. (Holding strong […]

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Bed Bug Removal May Not Be the Best DIY Project

With the recent wave of bed bug infestations over the last several years, Seattle pest control companies have discovered that blasting the pests with 120-degree heat is one of the safest, most effective ways to eliminate bed bugs – unless you’re one of two Indianapolis men who accidentally set their home on fire trying to […]

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Insecticide Use for Bed Bugs Causes Illness in Washington

In September 2011, the Center for Disease Control reported that 111 individuals in the U.S. became ill and one person died when they took bed bug pest control into their own hands with the use of insecticides. These illnesses occurred between the years 2003 and 2010, and almost 10 percent of the illnesses occurred in […]

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How Our Bed Bug Pest Control Program Works

In larger cities like Seattle, bed bugs are ridiculously easy to get and frustratingly difficult to eliminate. There’s no longer one blanket solution for bed bug pest control; rather, getting rid of these bloodsucking pests requires a multi-faceted program carried out over several treatments to ensure the bed bugs are thoroughly eliminated. When plagued by […]

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Bed Bug Gross-Out: Happy Halloween!

When Halloween arrives, people everywhere are suddenly stricken with the irresistible compulsion to gross themselves out by watching gory movies, visiting haunted houses and otherwise surrounding themselves with blood and guts. We’ve got something even better to get your skin crawling: a magnified time-lapse video of a bed bug dining on human flesh. Across North […]

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