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What is that SMELL?

What is that SMELL? So, winter has a lot of fun things associated with it. Snow days, hot cocoa, Christmas… I could go on. One thing, though, that often plagues this season is odd smells. We’re getting a lot of calls here regarding odor issues, and thought we’d give you some tips on how to […]

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5 Spring Portland Pest Control Problems

Springtime in the Portland area brings a lot of great things: bluebells, cherry blossoms and song birds, just to name a few. Unfortunately, spring can also bring some unwanted houseguests as well. No, we’re not talking about Aunt Beatrice or your mother-in-law – the unwanted houseguests in question are native Pacific Northwest pests. Many nasty […]

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Dead Mouse Found in Monster Drink Can

A Washington man is suing the maker of Monster Energy Drinks after finishing a can of the beverage and finding a dead mouse in the bottom. Vitaliy Sulzhik of Federal Way purchased the drink at a Fred Meyer in Des Moines and noticed it still felt heavy after he had polished off the contents. “Then […]

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Buying a Home? Don’t Skip the Pest Inspection

If you’re like most people, buying a new home is a huge investment. It requires making sure everything is in good condition before you sign any papers. Some homeowners, however, forget one important aspect of the whole process: pest inspections. This is an unfortunate oversight, as pest infestations can lower the value of your home […]

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Rodent Pest Control: Mice vs. Rats

In some people’s minds, mice and rats are the same disgusting animal. The two look similar enough that some people even mistake young rats for mice. But when it comes to pest prevention and control, the two rodents are distinctly different. The following are three areas in which mice and rats differ: Habitat. Both rodents […]

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Sealing Your Home Against Winter Pests

We’ve seen some pretty nice days in the Pacific Northwest lately, but that doesn’t mean winter is over. There are still more cold spells coming up, and that means plenty of reasons for rodents and other common pests to try to get into your home. Rats, snakes, spiders and other nasty vermin don’t like being […]

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Eden’s Trip to Haiti is reported in the News Tribune and The Olympian.

Jack Marlowe and four employees from his Olympia-based pest control firm volunteered for a week in Haiti in September to battle bugs and rats plaguing three hospitals. They were among 20 professional exterminators with the National Pest Management Association on the trip, tackling dangerous pest problems in Haitian hospitals. “There’s incredible rubble and bad sanitation, […]

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A Word from the Wise: What early spring-like conditions mean to Northwest pest populations.

The National Weather Service reported that January and February were a couple of the warmest on record for the Northwest. What does this mean for the average, ‘over-wintering’ pest?   While there are no absolutes in nature, this is my best prediction for what will take place:   In general, most insects and arachnids are […]

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