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Rise in Plague Cases: Increasing Rodent Pest Control Measures

Once thought of an epidemic that only existed in history books, the incidents of the plague have been on the rise in the U.S. during the last few years. At the time of publication, there were four reported human cases of the plague in Colorado in which only two patients survived. In the middle of […]

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Rodent Pest Management: Tips for the Cooler Seasons

One of the most dangerous things that an individual can assume in regards to rodent pest control is that a rodent infestation won’t affect their home. According to Oregon rodent control experts, rodents infest about 21 million homes each year in the U.S. The issue is most prominent during the fall and winter months because […]

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Seattle Rodent Control: Keeping Rats out of Your Home & Business

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, particularly in the city’s historic cellars, you may have noticed one of the its more unflattering problems—rats. While rat infestations are common in big cities, Seattle home, business and restaurant owners are seeing more than their fair share as they exhaust their traditional […]

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Do You Have Spring Allergies? Think Again! Your Symptoms May Be the Result of a Pest Infestation

Spring is allergy season. Dust and pollen, however, aren’t the only things that cause runny noses, breathing problems and itchy eyes. Residential pest control experts share that indoor pests like rodents and cockroaches may be the culprits behind your allergy or asthma symptoms. Preventing and controlling such pests is a medication-free way to manage the […]

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Winter Pest Control Warning: Keep an Eye Out for Rodents!

In November 2013, rodent pest control company Rentokil issued a press release regarding the dangers that rodents pose during the winter months. Eden Pest is a Rentokil-approved pest control company in the Pacific Northwest. The press release highlighted that rodents infest about 21 million homes in the U.S. every winter. They often enter and exit […]

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Eden Pest Knows Pests: Deer Mice Drum When Disturbed

Washington pest control experts warn that the fall months are when deer mice tend to make an appearance in homes. If you have an infestation in your home, you may hear the mice if they get upset, are disturbed or feel threatened because they drum on hard surfaces with their tiny front paws. Other signs […]

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Pests that May Try to Join in On the Thanksgiving Festivities

Your house guests aren’t the only ones who want to partake in your holiday feasts; pests do too! Pests that enjoy nibbling on crumbs, pantry items and leftovers that are still on the table or counters include ants and rodents. Residential pest control companies also warn that while some guests are already scary on their […]

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Is Your Birdfeeder Causing a Rodent Problem?

Is your home clean enough to host the Queen of England at any given moment, yet still seems to attract rodents? If so, your Eugene pest control company may advise you to take a look at your birdfeeder. It’s possible that effective rodent pest control can be as simple as taking a break from feeding […]

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Portland Rodent Control and Foreclosures

Foreclosures are terrible for the families they affect as well as the economy, but rodents love them. Portland rodent control experts report that while the pace of foreclosures in the state has slowed, the rate continues to creep up and provide unintentional living spaces to some of the filthiest pests. Unwelcome Neighbors When it comes […]

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Seattle Rodent Control: What to Do if You Find Mouse or Rat Droppings

One of the last things you want to find in your home (or office) is rodent droppings or urine. Cleaning this type of animal waste isn’t the same as cleaning up after one of your pets, because certain rodents (including deer mice) can be carriers of the Hanta virus, which is dangerous to humans. Exposure […]

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