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Eden Pest Knows Pests: Spider Winter Activity

Not all spider species spend the winter in the same manner, according to natural pest control specialists. Some die in the winter after leaving behind a sac full of eggs that are ready to hatch in the spring. Others make their way into warm homes when the temperatures begin to fall. Oregon pest control experts […]

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3 Ways Lack of Pest Control Hurts Restaurants

Pest control in restaurants is a topic many owners don’t like to think about. Just the sight of a pest control company’s van near the front doors of an establishment can be enough to drive customers away. (People often forget that pest control pros sometimes like to eat out for lunch.) At the same time, […]

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Top 3 Culprits in Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurants that receive an “A” from the county health department aren’t necessarily those that are in the best neighborhoods or boast expensive menu prices. Establishments that receive this grade are those that practice the best restaurant pest control techniques and have the best sanitary conditions. When there is negligence in pest control, restaurant owners can […]

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Pest Control Tips for Fast Food Restaurants

While pest control in food industry facilities is in many similar to pest management in the home, the health and financial risks can be much higher for fast food restaurants if proper precautions are not taken. Public health, reputation, effective management, and the sensitive and demanding nature of food processing pose unique challenges for a […]

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