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5 Pest Control Tips for Garage Salers

It can be hard to resist a good garage sale, especially if there is an item you need or the prices are too good to pass up. Unfortunately, when it comes to pest control, Portland garage sales and unwanted critters sometimes go hand in hand. Garage sale purchases are especially notorious for spreading bed bugs, […]

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5 Signs You Should Call For Pest Control

Many pest control situations can be handled with home remedies or purchased products, but others, such as wood-destroying pests, bed bugs, disease bearers and out-of-control infestations, will generally require the help of a professional pest control service. But how do you know when a pest control situation has gotten out of hand? Below are warning […]

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6 Pest Control Tips for Your Yard

Most homeowners rely on indoor pest control strategies to deal with pest invasions in the home. However, the underlying cause of indoor pest control problems is often the yard and outside area surrounding your home. A home can rarely, if ever, be entirely free of bugs or insects. But when you actually have a pest […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Green Pest Control

So you have a home pest infestation. Now what? If you’re going to call a professional, you want to make sure they do a thorough job. On the other hand, you don’t want them to be too keen on using toxic chemicals that can be a danger to your family and harmful to the environment. […]

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Spider Bites: Hobo or Brown Recluse?

There’s a common myth among Pacific Northwest residents about spider bites, and it’s this: Many venomous spider bites come from the nasty, dangerous brown recluse. Recent studies, however, have proven that brown recluse spiders are extremely rare in Oregon and Washington and aren’t to be blamed for the majority of bites. The real culprit? The […]

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Four Tips for Banishing Fleas

If you’ve ever had pets, you probably have had a run-in with fleas. They are one of the most common infestations a household can get, and they aren’t even restricted to pet owners. Since they lie dormant during the cold months, most people don’t give fleas a second thought during winter. However, taking care of […]

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Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Most people fear encountering bed bugs at hotels or in hospitals. But the bed bug re-infestation sweeping the nation has revealed another place where people can pick up these unwelcome pests: at the office. According to USA Today, about one in five exterminators are seeing bed bug infestations in office buildings in the United States. […]

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Moisture Control and Pest Prevention

Most homeowners realize the damage water can do in the form of mold, mildew and wood rot, but few people also consider the fact that moisture can also attract pests into their homes. Termites, cockroaches and many other unpleasant home invaders love damp, cool climates. In the winter, this means they will be attracted to […]

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Poison Alert: Safe Handling of DIY Pest Control Products

The Pacific Northwest is known for its burgeoning do-it-yourself community, but some DIY projects can be dangerous if not done correctly. For example, while homeowners can buy any number of “over the counter” pest control products, these products can be toxic to humans and pets if not stored, handled, applied and disposed of properly. Eden […]

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Sealing Your Home Against Winter Pests

We’ve seen some pretty nice days in the Pacific Northwest lately, but that doesn’t mean winter is over. There are still more cold spells coming up, and that means plenty of reasons for rodents and other common pests to try to get into your home. Rats, snakes, spiders and other nasty vermin don’t like being […]

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