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Oregon Pest Control News: August 15 is Native Bee Conservation Awareness Day!

This summer, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced that August 15 was Oregon Native Bees Conservation Awareness Day, stating, “Oregon’s native bees are essential pollinators in ecosystems that support the reproduction of flowering trees and plants, including the fruits and seeds that are a major part of the diet of approximately 25 percent of all birds […]

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Oregon Pest Control News: Portland Bans Pesticides that Are Harmful to Bees

2015 has been a good year for bees so far, according to Perdue researchers in an April 2015 Pest Control Technology article. The article states that a greater percentage of honeybees survived the recent winter better, as it wasn’t as cold as last year. Integrated pest management experts state that honeybee populations have declined by […]

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Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month

April is Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that invasive pests cause $120 billion annually in damages, as they harm native species, the environment in which they don’t belong and local agriculture. To aid with their campaign, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) division of […]

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PNW Pest News: Woman Stung by Scorpion on Airplane to PDX

In February 2015, an Alaskan Airline flight from Los Angeles to Portland was delayed for about an hour for a unique reason: a scorpion stung a passenger. While the flight originated out of Los Cabos, Mexico, no one knows exactly when the venomous arachnid became a stowaway (and no one on the flight claimed it […]

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Eden’s Guide for a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

The only thing that our Oregon and Washington pest management professionals want you to worry about his season are baking the perfect turkey and eating your fill of pumpkin pie. The chilly fall months are the time of year when pests tend to make untimely appearances. Eden’s pest control experts bring you their best tips […]

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Debunking Pest Control Myths: Don’t Fall for These!

Oregon and Washing pest control experts want to make you a smart consumer and homeowner (or renter) by exploring some of the most common myths about pests in Portland. Pest control works best when you pair it with knowledge, green pest control services and common sense. The Truth about Pest Control from Washington and Oregon […]

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Spider Update: Portland Keep an Eye Out for Brown Widows

Oregon pest management professionals warn residents to keep an eye out for brown widow spiders as they were recently spotted in the Portland area in April 2014. Brown widows are not the same as black widows or brown recluse spiders, but their venom is more toxic. Portland Pest Control Tips: Brown Widow Spider Identification Appearance […]

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Eden Pest Knows Bugs: Boxelder Bugs are a Species of “True Bug”

If you take a look at the boxelder bug’s mouth, you’ll notice that its beak-like shape is ideal for piercing plant tissues and sucking liquids. It also has membranous forewings that are hardened near the base, as well as antennas with five segments. Oregon pest management companies share that theses aspects makes the pest a […]

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Portland and the Box Elders: Not a Band but a Problem

Come fall, you may start to notice visitors of the six-legged variety. One such visitor is the western box elder beetle. This bug has a black slender body with bright red-colored veins in its wings. During the fall, the western box elder beetle is harmless because all it wants to do is find a place […]

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Clean Your Gutters Portland (and Other Good Pest Control Tips for Your Yard)

When the warm weather arrives, Portland pest control companies remind you that proper yard maintenance is the key to preventing unwanted pests around your home. While your yard will never be free of bugs (don’t worry, many of them are beneficial), keeping your landscaping looking great is a great natural pest control practice. Include the […]