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Portland Pest Control Company Makes Summer Travel Safer

One of the simplest ways to ruin the fond memories of a vacation is to bring home a bed bug or two. With bed bug infestations so prevalent across the U.S. (yes, even in hotels), your local Portland pest control company wants to help you come home from your summer travels with only souvenirs and […]

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Spring Pest Management Tips for Portland Property Managers

One of the most important responsibilities of a property manager – and one that often goes neglected – is pest control. Much to the inconvenience of tenants, many property managers will call a Portland pest control company only after a pest problem exists. To help maintain the quality of your property, the health of your […]

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How to Deter Pests from Digging into Your Compost Pile

Because it produces free fertilizer while reducing the amount of waste sent to local landfills, backyard composting has become a popular way to “go green” in western cities such as Portland and Eugene. Pest control problems can pop up, however, whenever human food is left out in the open. Unprotected compost piles may attract vermin […]

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Bed Bug News: Demand for Bed Bug Dogs Skyrockets

What pest can go for months with no food, hiding deep in mattresses, bed frames and even baseboards? The bed bug, of course. From the Waldorf-Astoria in New York to furniture rental stores in Eugene, pest control professionals are dealing with more bed bug infestations than this country has seen since they were virtually wiped […]

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