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Spider Bites: Hobo or Brown Recluse?

There’s a common myth among Pacific Northwest residents about spider bites, and it’s this: Many venomous spider bites come from the nasty, dangerous brown recluse. Recent studies, however, have proven that brown recluse spiders are extremely rare in Oregon and Washington and aren’t to be blamed for the majority of bites. The real culprit? The […]

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Mazda Recalls Spider-Infested Cars

Mazda has recalled more than 50,000 of its Mazda6 sedans because venomous spiders have a tendency to infest the fuel system, CNN reported yesterday. Some 20 cases of yellow sac spider infestations have been reported so far. The spiders weave their webs inside the fuel system, which can lead to blockage of the fuel line […]

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Top 3 Most Disgusting Northwest Pests

Ask any Portland pest control service and they’ll tell you: The Pacific Northwest is home to many disgusting home invaders. From bats and bed bugs to rats and spiders, Portland pest control problems can be… unpleasant for many homeowners. If you’re new to the area you may be wondering what types of infestations professional pest […]

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Fall is here and so are the Spiders!

Some say that dawn’s dewy webs are beautiful… others insist they are mere reminders of the Halloween Holiday approaching. The truth is that spiders are one of nature’s own pest control agents. They cut down the populations of other pests. So it is a good thing to see those webs pop up this time of […]

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