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Pest Management Techniques for Pets this Summer

As any Portland pest control company will tell you, summer is often the worst season for pet pests, such as fleas. Our pets are often our most cherished friends – they’re so dependably supportive and loving that it’s hard for us to see them suffer. But pest control for your pets isn’t pure altruism; keeping […]

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Pet Pests to Watch Out For

If you’re like most people, your pets are a big part of your family. However, pets can also be carriers of some pretty nasty home pests. Regularly checking for pests and treating your pets when they become infested is not only good for them, but it’s good for your home. What kind of pests should […]

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Four Tips for Banishing Fleas

If you’ve ever had pets, you probably have had a run-in with fleas. They are one of the most common infestations a household can get, and they aren’t even restricted to pet owners. Since they lie dormant during the cold months, most people don’t give fleas a second thought during winter. However, taking care of […]

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