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Pest Prevention: Why Cleaning Your Gutters Can Help

You’ve probably heard roofing companies and landscape designers tell you the importance of clean gutters, but did you know that a clear-running gutter system is also a great preventive pest control method? Clogged gutters can create ideal breeding grounds for many types of home pests, as well as cause structural damage to your home. The […]

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5 DIY Green Pest Control Remedies

Most every household will face a pest infestation at some point. Not every household, however, is comfortable using toxic pest control methods to get rid of these infestations. Families with children, pets or a concern for the environment are increasingly turning to do-it-yourself green pest control methods, and for good reason. They are inexpensive, easy […]

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How Pest Baits Work

Aerosol pest control sprays have become an unfortunate fixture in many American homes. They may work at getting rid of pests on sight, but most sprays are toxic, smell bad and don’t effectively wipe out the entire infestation. To reach the source of an infestation, many professional pest control services use pest baits as part […]

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Top 5 Home Pest Prevention Tips

Hiring a professional pest control company can be a pricey venture, albeit an often necessary one. There are, however, a number of preventative pest control steps you can take to help protect your home and family against a nasty infestation. Here are five home pest prevention tips to incorporate into your family’s routine: 1. Clean […]

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5 Green Pest Control Tips for the Garden

If you’re a thorough, involved homeowner, you’ve probably worked hard on the design and maintenance of your yard or garden. It makes sense, then, that you would want to keep your garden pest free. However, you most likely don’t want to use harmful pesticides in your family’s home garden, especially if you’re growing fruits or […]

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Pest Control

Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to prepare your spring cleaning checklist. Many homeowners do not realize that if you want to practice preventive pest control, it’s important to start before the pests have arrived – or spawned, in some cases. Many pest control companies these days are adopting Integrated Pest Management […]

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5 Signs You Should Call For Pest Control

Many pest control situations can be handled with home remedies or purchased products, but others, such as wood-destroying pests, bed bugs, disease bearers and out-of-control infestations, will generally require the help of a professional pest control service. But how do you know when a pest control situation has gotten out of hand? Below are warning […]

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6 Pest Control Tips for Your Yard

Most homeowners rely on indoor pest control strategies to deal with pest invasions in the home. However, the underlying cause of indoor pest control problems is often the yard and outside area surrounding your home. A home can rarely, if ever, be entirely free of bugs or insects. But when you actually have a pest […]

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Four Tips for Banishing Fleas

If you’ve ever had pets, you probably have had a run-in with fleas. They are one of the most common infestations a household can get, and they aren’t even restricted to pet owners. Since they lie dormant during the cold months, most people don’t give fleas a second thought during winter. However, taking care of […]

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Moisture Control and Pest Prevention

Most homeowners realize the damage water can do in the form of mold, mildew and wood rot, but few people also consider the fact that moisture can also attract pests into their homes. Termites, cockroaches and many other unpleasant home invaders love damp, cool climates. In the winter, this means they will be attracted to […]

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