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Meet our Family of Professionals: Janie Strachan, Corporate Billing Specialist

We are so proud of all of our team members and are excited to share more about what makes them great! Meet Janie Strachan, Eden’s billing services coordinator! Janie has been working with Eden’s main office staff since December 2011, providing high quality service to our customers. Here is what Janie has to say about […]

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Meet Our Family of Professionals: Brad Detrick, Integrated Pest Management Specialist

We are so proud of all of our team members and are excited to share more about what makes them great! Back in July, we introduced you to Jesse Huie, and now we happy for you to meet Brad Detrick. Brad Detrick has been with Eden since April of 2012 and was new to the […]

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Eden Offers Nuisance Weed and Vegetation Management Services

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies offers residential and commercial customers the convenience of nuisance weed and vegetation management.   For our residential customers, Eden offers the ability to add bark bed weed maintenance to their service program. This service compliments their enhanced service program that is designed to protect the home owners’ property from NW pests […]

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Spring Cleaning Tip: Watch for Signs of a Pest Infestation

Spring is the time when many pests crawl out of hibernation and begin making appearances around your home. Fortunately, it’s also the time of year when many homeowners deep-clean and air out their homes – an excellent opportunity to root out any pest infestations that have been hiding all winter. As you go about your […]

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Natural Choices for Pest Management

In the old days, a pest management provider would spray pesticides periodically to keep pest populations at bay. Then, as the dangers of pesticides became more and more apparent, many pest management companies began looking for more natural, eco-friendly methods of pest control. Today, green pest management companies use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods to […]


Bed bugs are coming – Are you ready? HUD Is.

Do you manage multifamily housing? HUD does, and recommends the use IPM to all of its owners and managers in the face of large-scale bed bug infestations in every major city. In a notice issued August 16th, 2011, HUD detailed what it expected of its “owners and management agents (O/As)”, as well as its tenants. […]

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3 Tips for a Cozy, Pest-Free Fire

Effective and eco-friendly Portland pest control includes practices you may not be used to, like keeping your woodpile in an area away from your home or extending residential pest control practices past the doors of your home. Because unwanted insects can easily enter your home via your firewood, it’s important to take pest management into […]

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Halloween Pest Control: How to Keep Fruit Flies from Invading Your Carved Pumpkins

Ask any kid who is greeted with a mouthful of fruit flies while passing by a prematurely rotting pumpkin on Halloween night: That’s not the treat they were expecting. As harmless as they are, vinegar flies – more infamously known as fruit flies – tend to create a brown cloud around any rotted or spoiled […]

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