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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take a Bite Out of Your Summer Fun

With summer in full swing, the West Nile virus already found its way to the Northwest. Oregon and Washington pest management companies report that mosquitoes carrying the virus infected people in southwestern Idaho. Professionals trapped infected mosquitoes at the Oregon State line in early July 2015. The mosquito-borne chikungunya virus has also made its way […]

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Oregon Pest Control News: Farmers Turning to IPM to Reduce Pesticide Use

Each summer, filbert moth larvae hatch and burrow into filbert shells, eat the nut and use the shell as safe place to develop. This damaging act can render an entire crop inedible, as it only takes three bad nuts to fail a quality test at a processing facility. To prevent the larvae damage, Eugene farmers […]

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Have You Seen an ‘Old-House Borer’ Beetle?

The Oregon Department of Agriculture wants to know if you’ve seen an “old-house borer” beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus). First detected in 2013, Oregon pest control service companies warn that this beetle is not like others that feed on stressed or dead trees; it eats dry seasoned wood. In regards to pest control, Oregon researchers have only […]

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This One’s for the Bees! Oregon Agriculture Officials Place Restrictions on Pesticides

In the early summer months of 2013, an estimated 50,000 bumble bees dropped dead under the trees at a Wilsonville retailer. The bees represented a loss of over 300 bee colonies. A similar incident occurred a few days later when residents found hundred of dead bees in downtown Hillsboro. When it came to pest management, […]

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