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Roseburg Bed Bugs Can Be Harmful to the Family Pet

When it comes to pest control, Roseburg residents need to keep the health and safety of their pets as well as family members in mind. Stinging and biting insects, including Roseburg bed bugs, are most common during the summer months of July, August and September, so it’s vital for pet owners to be aware of […]

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Ants are No Match for Roseburg Pest Control

One of the top Roseburg pest control complaints is regarding ants. The warm winter, springtime rains and warm summer temperatures have helped ant populations thrive and make their appearance sooner than usual this year. In regards to ant control, Roseburg residents can prevent an infestation with some simple techniques. The Top 3 Roseburg Ants Carpenter […]

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Eugene Pest Control: Stop the Summer Stink Bug Problem

As the weather warms, stink bugs come out. Also called brown marmorated stink bugs, these insects are agricultural pests that are native to several Asian regions and are on the rise throughout the U.S. Stink bugs are often attracted to homes, especially in the fall, as they begin their search for a cozy place to […]

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Battling Little Black Ants: Why Over-the-Counter Treatments Don’t Work

Ants live on every landmass on earth. They only places to which they are not indigenous include Antarctica and a handful of inhospitable, remote islands. Unfortunately, because of the way these critters operate, once your home is infested with little black ants it will remain infested until you call in a Roseburg pest control service. […]

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