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Portland Rodent Control: How to Determine if You Have a Rat Problem

Rats are one of the most problematic pests in the U.S. Portland rodent control specialists explain that rodents damage property, contaminate food and spread diseases. When it comes to local rodent control, Portland residents and business owners have to deal with two non-native species – the Norway rat and the roof rat. By knowing the […]

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Natural Pest Control Methods for Bees

There’s a growing interest in bees and beekeeping in the Northwest, which prompted Oregon State University to start the Oregon Master Beekeepers Program. While the effort to increase pollinator populations is laudable, many business owners prefer to keep stinging insects away from commercial properties. In this situation, natural pest control makes sense because it keeps […]

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Identifying Ants: Not Always Easy, but Crucial for Pest Control

Ants: They all kind of look the same to the untrained observer, but each species has its own unique qualities. To practice smart pest control, Portland residents should properly identify the invaders before taking action. Why Ant Identification Matters When you know what kind of ant is invading your space, you can learn more about […]

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Portland Pest Control Company Makes Summer Travel Safer

One of the simplest ways to ruin the fond memories of a vacation is to bring home a bed bug or two. With bed bug infestations so prevalent across the U.S. (yes, even in hotels), your local Portland pest control company wants to help you come home from your summer travels with only souvenirs and […]

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Portland Pest Control Tips for a Mosquito-Free Yard

The spring is just a preview of what’s to come during the hot summer months, when the mosquito population loves to make its presence known. As if the itching wasn’t bad enough, we now need to worry about falling ill with the West Nile Virus when bitten by these nuisance pests. While a Portland pest […]

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How Our Pest Control Services can Help Portland Businesses Earn LEED Certification

Instead of thinking about pest control, Portland homebuilders often place their focus on the usual eco-friendly solutions when attempting to earn LEED certification for a project. However, Portland pest control is about much more than chasing mice out of an attic. When you partner with a company that uses integrated pest management for your green […]

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Halloween Pest Control: How to Keep Fruit Flies from Invading Your Carved Pumpkins

Ask any kid who is greeted with a mouthful of fruit flies while passing by a prematurely rotting pumpkin on Halloween night: That’s not the treat they were expecting. As harmless as they are, vinegar flies – more infamously known as fruit flies – tend to create a brown cloud around any rotted or spoiled […]

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