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Pest Control for Commercial Property Maintenance: The Value of Technician Education

Pest control for commercial property managers is a must-have to keep tenants happy, safe and sane. Rodent control, Portland workers share, is an ongoing concern. General pest control, Tacoma entrepreneurs and others in the Pacific Northwest assert, is a major perk when looking for a commercial space to rent. Commercial Pest Control: Knowledge Matters Maintaining […]

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The History of Pest Control: A Basic Timeline

Since the beginning of time, pest control for commercial property owners has been vital to the health and longevity of businesses. Records of natural pest control date back to 2500 BC, thousands of years after the beginning of agriculture. Today’s Portland pest control companies employ improved natural techniques to bring you integrated pest management (IPM), […]

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Natural Pest Control Methods for Bees

There’s a growing interest in bees and beekeeping in the Northwest, which prompted Oregon State University to start the Oregon Master Beekeepers Program. While the effort to increase pollinator populations is laudable, many business owners prefer to keep stinging insects away from commercial properties. In this situation, natural pest control makes sense because it keeps […]

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Identifying Ants: Not Always Easy, but Crucial for Pest Control

Ants: They all kind of look the same to the untrained observer, but each species has its own unique qualities. To practice smart pest control, Portland residents should properly identify the invaders before taking action. Why Ant Identification Matters When you know what kind of ant is invading your space, you can learn more about […]

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Pest Control for Commercial Property Owners: Washington State Licensing Requirements

Pest control for commercial property applications is an ongoing job. From monitoring and prevention to controlling an infestation, performing due diligence can help keep tenants happy and healthy – and save a property owner money. Tacoma pest control experts know there are several things commercial property owners and managers can do to keep infestations at […]

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