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Preventing Mosquito-Borne Illnesses: Genetic Modification and IPM Practices

Baby critters arrive in the spring. As this happens, mosquitoes buzz around to find the perfect breeding grounds for fertilizing and laying eggs. As if being itchy wasn’t enough, Portland pest control experts warn that people on the West Coast are at risk for contracting the West Nile virus. Advances in Mosquito Genetic Modification To […]

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The Dripline: What it is, and What it Means for Pest Management this Spring

A dripline is the path created by dripping water from areas around your home, such as gutters, irrigations systems and air conditioning units. Particularly in rainy areas such as Portland, Eugene and Tacoma, pest control experts find that poor dripline management can lead to the increased presence of pests such as millipedes, rodents, spiders, birds […]

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5 Pest-Attracting Habits to Avoid in the New Year

When it comes to pest management, Portland residents may not realize prevention is as simple as home maintenance and basic housekeeping tricks. Make pest prevention one of your New Year’s resolutions by avoiding the following: 1. Leaving a mess in the kitchen. Food is one of the top items that attract pests to homes. Make […]

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Local Pest Control for Summer: Dealing with Fleas

It’s that time of year. The sun is finally out in the Northwest, along with warmer temperatures than we’ve experienced all year. These warm temps and decreased rainfall means local pest control companies are seeing an increase in calls about flea pest control. Eugene, Portland, Seattle and other Northwest cities are all dealing with these […]

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