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We are Thankful for Our Hardworking Team here at Eden!

The work that Eden does isn’t possible without our talented and interesting Oregon and Washington team members, which includes our dedicated office staff. Without our valued employees, this pest control company would not be what it is today. For this, we wish to extend a big thank you to all our employees. Thank you! Eden […]

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Heart Spotlight: Who Has a Big Heart at Eden Pest?

Making the world a better place is important to us here at Eden – we’re proud of our reputation as a natural, eco-conscious pest control company. But our contribution doesn’t end with our pest control service. There’s always more we can do, which is why the open-hearted ladies in our office have decided to raise […]

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DIY Spider Pest Control: Make Your Own Spider Repellant

While spiders are beneficial, they often give people the creeps. Your first instinct may be to kill the eight-legged pests, but it’s also worth considering how you can prevent their presence. When it comes to Eugene pest control, spiders are simpler to manage and foil than to kill. Anti-Spider Tips Spiders often come into your […]

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Pest Control News: Pesticide Poisoning Cases Steadily Increasing

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shared that unintentional poisoning death rates have steadily increased since 1992. These poisonings occur due to exposure to pesticides and other toxic products used in homes. The CDC’s findings include the following: 87 individuals in the U.S. die because of an unintentional poisoning […]

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Thanksgiving & Pest Safety: Keeping Rodents Away from the Turkey

Imagine preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal. You spend the whole weekend cleaning the house and stay up all Wednesday night refining your menu items for the next day. On Thursday, everything goes according to your plans. The food is almost done, but you forgot to grab the heirloom serving dish you keep tucked away at […]

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Creeped Out by Bed Bugs? You’re Not Alone

With all of the recent media attention on bed bugs, Portland residents may find themselves becoming increasingly fearful of these bloodsucking insects. This specific entomophobia or insectophobia (fear of insects) is common among those who have already been victimized by bed bugs and their bites, even if a pest control company took care of the […]

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Prevent Wasps from Nesting on Your Porch

Like many members of the animal kingdom, wasps hibernate during the winter. They create their nests in places that provide shelter from the elements, and this safe haven is sometimes your porch or the surrounding yard. To avoid having to bring in a Portland pest control service for wasp control, prevent the formation of a […]

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