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Hiking in Puyallup: Pest Control Tips

Your Puyallup pest control efforts can extend past your home and into your recreational activities. Hiking is a popular activity among Tacoma and Puyallup residents, especially when the weather is nice. When the weather seems perfect, however, you are at a greater risk for contracting a disease from a summer pest. Disease risks can include […]

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Puyallup Pest Control Tips for Rodent Proofing

When homeowners suspect a rodent infestation, they don’t often think to contact a pest control company. Tacoma and Puyallup residents often opt instead for DIY solutions, such as poisons. The use of dangerous chemicals can backfire, however, especially if you have pets, children or backyard visitors you enjoy – these can accidentally fall victim to […]

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Puyallup Pest Control Company Promotes Pest-Free Labor Day

It’s amazing how something as small as a grain of rice can ruin a Labor Day celebration. As many as 74 percent of Americans host barbeques to celebrate this and other summer holidays; unfortunately, the delicious food and drinks attract more than just guests. Pests enjoy crashing parties – especially outdoor parties – and Puyallup […]

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What to Expect During a Home Pest Inspection

You’ve seen our offers for a free home pest inspection, and you may have even heard that these inspections can go a long way toward complementing your own pest control efforts. But what does a home pest inspection actually entail? When scheduling a home inspection with a pest control company, Tacoma residents can expect the […]

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Seattle, Tacoma Make Top 50 List of Bed Bug Cities

Tacoma and Seattle bed bugs have made their preference clear: This Pacific Northwest region is prime real estate for these bloodsucking pests. The Seattle/Tacoma area made the list of top cities for bed bugs, coming in at number 27 out of 50 – an improvement over last year, when we ranked number 24. (Holding strong […]

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