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Pantry Pest Control: What to do about Uninvited Thanksgiving Guests

In rural places like Roseburg, pest control sometimes includes turkey hunting. Typically, turkeys have been transplanted to these locations, and without natural predators, local gobbler populations explode out of control. In Roseburg, pest control for turkeys became necessary after they were imported from Texas in the 1980s. To this day, Roseburg remains the top turkey-hunting […]

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Winter Pantry Pests to Avoid

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably struggled with a pantry pest infestation at some time or another. Indoor pest control can be a big problem, especially during the winter and especially in kitchens and pantries. Certain types of moths, weevils, beetles and other insects can infest home food supplies – and often they’re even […]

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A Word from the Wise: What early spring-like conditions mean to Northwest pest populations.

The National Weather Service reported that January and February were a couple of the warmest on record for the Northwest. What does this mean for the average, ‘over-wintering’ pest?   While there are no absolutes in nature, this is my best prediction for what will take place:   In general, most insects and arachnids are […]

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