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Oregon Pest Control News: August 15 is Native Bee Conservation Awareness Day!

This summer, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced that August 15 was Oregon Native Bees Conservation Awareness Day, stating, “Oregon’s native bees are essential pollinators in ecosystems that support the reproduction of flowering trees and plants, including the fruits and seeds that are a major part of the diet of approximately 25 percent of all birds […]

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Have You Seen an ‘Old-House Borer’ Beetle?

The Oregon Department of Agriculture wants to know if you’ve seen an “old-house borer” beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus). First detected in 2013, Oregon pest control service companies warn that this beetle is not like others that feed on stressed or dead trees; it eats dry seasoned wood. In regards to pest control, Oregon researchers have only […]

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Eden’s Enhanced Service Program: June/July Focuses

It can seem as if the bugs are out in full force during the summer. Washington and Oregon Washington pest control service providers deal with the following pests the most in the early summer: Spiders Mosquitoes Deer mice German cockroaches Fleas Silverfish Carpenter ants Rove beetles Ground beetles Bed bugs How an Oregon and Washing […]

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