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The Importance of Pollinator Health

Last year, Oregon pest management professionals reported the sudden death of 50,000 bees—about 300 colonies—in the Wilsonville area and a similar incident in Hillsboro after spraying insecticides containing imidacloprid and dinotefuran in trees. Bee populations nationwide decline between 23 and 34 percent every year. In response to these and other incidents, agencies like the U.S. […]

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Marmorated Stink Bugs Making a Stink in Oregon

Oregon pest management companies have found themselves busy with calls from orchardists and vintners during this fall season because of the alarmingly high number of brown marmorated stink bugs that have moved into Ashland and nearby areas since 2004. Because they love to eat fruit, the non-native insects have the potential to do some serious […]

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Meet our Family of Professionals: Jesse Huie, Integrated Pest Management Specialist

We are so proud of all of our team members and are excited to share more about what makes them great! Jesse Huie has been a wonderful asset to our company for over 10 years working with Eden Pest’s Olympia team, providing quality and personable Integrated Pest Management services to customers in Gig Harbor, Kitsap […]

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