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It’s Gardening Season: Now is the Time to Plant a Mosquito Repellent Garden

This year’s unusually warm spring weather is perfect for getting out in your garden to beautify it and practice mosquito pest control. With the West Nile virus already reaching the Pacific Northwest, natural pest control is as simple as planting herbs and flowers that mosquitoes hate. If you don’t have a large garden space, don’t […]

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Spooky Pests to Watch out for this Month!

With Halloween decorations up everywhere, Oregon pest control experts warn you to not let real pests convince you that they’re fake or only around temporarily. While rats, bats, ravens and spiders are Halloween staples, some critters truly deserve a spot next to the witch’s brew…in rubber form, of course. You don’t need to look farther […]

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Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Be Safe This Halloween!

The only bugs and rodents that kids should see during this time of year are those made of plastic. After all, the rubbery spider hanging from the ceiling is a classic. With the emergence of pests starting to overwinter, Washington and Oregon pest control experts remind schools and parents to practice integrated pest management, or […]

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Eden Pest Knows Pests: Spider Winter Activity

Not all spider species spend the winter in the same manner, according to natural pest control specialists. Some die in the winter after leaving behind a sac full of eggs that are ready to hatch in the spring. Others make their way into warm homes when the temperatures begin to fall. Oregon pest control experts […]

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The History of Pest Control: A Basic Timeline

Since the beginning of time, pest control for commercial property owners has been vital to the health and longevity of businesses. Records of natural pest control date back to 2500 BC, thousands of years after the beginning of agriculture. Today’s Portland pest control companies employ improved natural techniques to bring you integrated pest management (IPM), […]

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How to Prevent and Control a Northwest Pest Fest | Pests by Season (Infographic)

Do you spend more time chasing down pests than you do enjoying the company of your loved ones? By knowing what Portland pest control experts know, you can take steps to keep critters at bay and maintain a pest-free environment. Check out this infographic to learn about the seasons when certain pests strike the most; […]

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Ant Pest Control: Natural Ways for Preventing and Controlling These Pests

One of the pests people love to hate is ants. Ants become a huge problem in the spring, and natural pest control is the safest way to keep these bugs away. Check out the following ant pest prevention tips to deter and control the ants this spring and summer. Natural Ant Pest Control Tips Thoroughly […]

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Natural Pest Control Methods for Bees

There’s a growing interest in bees and beekeeping in the Northwest, which prompted Oregon State University to start the Oregon Master Beekeepers Program. While the effort to increase pollinator populations is laudable, many business owners prefer to keep stinging insects away from commercial properties. In this situation, natural pest control makes sense because it keeps […]

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Tacoma Pest Control Extends to UW Library Books

Tacoma pest control specialists reveal that even university libraries aren’t safe from bed bug infestations. In December 2012, the University of Washington’s library was a victim of bed bugs, giving the pests the opportunity to further spread to student housing and beyond. An Itchy Situation When it comes to pest control, Tacoma experts reveal that […]

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5 Pest Control Uses for Cucumbers

There are many eco-friendly pest control options available to homeowners today, from citronella candles to water traps. But none are as all-natural and cheap as cucumbers. That’s right – a raw, bitter cucumber is a green pest control option unbeknownst to many homeowners. While this eco-friendly pest control technique won’t rid your home of a […]

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