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It’s Gardening Season: Now is the Time to Plant a Mosquito Repellent Garden

This year’s unusually warm spring weather is perfect for getting out in your garden to beautify it and practice mosquito pest control. With the West Nile virus already reaching the Pacific Northwest, natural pest control is as simple as planting herbs and flowers that mosquitoes hate. If you don’t have a large garden space, don’t […]

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Eden Pest Knows Bugs: Female Mosquitoes Bite Humans, Males Don’t

Of all the animals in the world, the tiny female mosquito is responsible for the most human deaths worldwide. Male mosquitoes are harmless as they only feed on sweet juices and flower nectar. Female mosquitoes do the biting as they require the nutrients found in blood for the development of their eggs. What make the […]


5 Disease-Bearing Pests to Watch For

Let’s face it – all household pests are annoying. But while some are harmlessly annoying, others can be carriers of harmful diseases. These disease vectors can spread malaria, tapeworms, Lyme disease, rabies and various forms of fever illnesses. The following are five disease-bearing pests you should watch out for: 1. Ticks and fleas. Everyone knows […]

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Pest Prevention: Why Cleaning Your Gutters Can Help

You’ve probably heard roofing companies and landscape designers tell you the importance of clean gutters, but did you know that a clear-running gutter system is also a great preventive pest control method? Clogged gutters can create ideal breeding grounds for many types of home pests, as well as cause structural damage to your home. The […]

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How Portland’s Cold, Wet Spring May Affect Pest Populations

For many Portland residents, this spring may not look different than any other gray, rainy March. But meteorologists are predicting an especially cool, wet spring that could end up in the record books. By March 21, Portland had already received 20 days of rain, and weather forecasts indicate the trend will continue into April, the […]

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Eden’s Trip to Haiti is reported in the News Tribune and The Olympian.

Jack Marlowe and four employees from his Olympia-based pest control firm volunteered for a week in Haiti in September to battle bugs and rats plaguing three hospitals. They were among 20 professional exterminators with the National Pest Management Association on the trip, tackling dangerous pest problems in Haitian hospitals. “There’s incredible rubble and bad sanitation, […]

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Haiti Trip – Day 2

                                                                                                                                                                                              9/16/2010 Uniformed Haitian Men – each with a shotgun in hand – guarded the University of Miami’s Haitian Hospital where we spent day 2 of our journey. When the doctors approved our arrival they opened the large metal gates and we immediately recognized encouraging differences in the organization, sanitization, and cooperation (not to mention […]

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Project Help Haiti: the Preparation Process

As you may have heard in our latest Press Release, Eden is sending five pest professionals to help with pest relief in Haiti. As these five prepare for their trip (September 13-18) they have realized how intensive the process is. There are mulitple shots and medications needed as well as insect repellents and specialty items. […]

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A Word from the Wise: What early spring-like conditions mean to Northwest pest populations.

The National Weather Service reported that January and February were a couple of the warmest on record for the Northwest. What does this mean for the average, ‘over-wintering’ pest?   While there are no absolutes in nature, this is my best prediction for what will take place:   In general, most insects and arachnids are […]

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Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, and You!

UPDATE: August 10,2009… West Nile Virus has been detected in a Prosser, WA resident as well as 5 dead birds. The virus has also been detected in a dead crow in Mason County. Should we still take precautions against West Nile Virus? Absolutely  June 5, 2009 Olympia, WA – Although there has been little attention […]

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