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Don’t Let Mosquitoes Take a Bite Out of Your Summer Fun

With summer in full swing, the West Nile virus already found its way to the Northwest. Oregon and Washington pest management companies report that mosquitoes carrying the virus infected people in southwestern Idaho. Professionals trapped infected mosquitoes at the Oregon State line in early July 2015. The mosquito-borne chikungunya virus has also made its way […]

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It’s Gardening Season: Now is the Time to Plant a Mosquito Repellent Garden

This year’s unusually warm spring weather is perfect for getting out in your garden to beautify it and practice mosquito pest control. With the West Nile virus already reaching the Pacific Northwest, natural pest control is as simple as planting herbs and flowers that mosquitoes hate. If you don’t have a large garden space, don’t […]

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Stay Protected Against Mosquitoes this Summer!

When you think of Washington and Oregon pest control services, you may associate it with getting rid of pests after they infest your home. Pest control, however, is also about prevention. Preventive measures are the best way to protect yourself and your family from vector-borne diseases, which microbes from blood-sucking insects, like mosquitoes, cause. The […]

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Mosquito Season News: The Asian Tiger Mosquito and Prevention Tips for the Pacific Northwest

Mosquitoes host a variety of diseases. The West Nile virus is one that recently made it to the Northwest, and mosquito pest control experts warn of a new species that doesn’t bring good tidings: the Asian tiger mosquito. Washington and Oregon Pest Management: A Look at the Asian Tiger Mosquito Scientifically known as Aedes japonicas, […]

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Portland Pest Control Trends: Rock Pool Mosquitoes

Mosquito pest control is a common request for many a Pacific Northwest pest control company. Portland and other Northwest urban areas are home to many mosquitoes, since cities contain plenty of areas with standing water, which makes excellent breeding grounds for these bloodsucking pests. This year, mosquito pest control is especially important, since Portland pest […]

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