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Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Be Safe This Halloween!

The only bugs and rodents that kids should see during this time of year are those made of plastic. After all, the rubbery spider hanging from the ceiling is a classic. With the emergence of pests starting to overwinter, Washington and Oregon pest control experts remind schools and parents to practice integrated pest management, or […]

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Meet our Family of Professionals: Jesse Huie, Integrated Pest Management Specialist

We are so proud of all of our team members and are excited to share more about what makes them great! Jesse Huie has been a wonderful asset to our company for over 10 years working with Eden Pest’s Olympia team, providing quality and personable Integrated Pest Management services to customers in Gig Harbor, Kitsap […]

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Eden Offers Nuisance Weed and Vegetation Management Services

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies offers residential and commercial customers the convenience of nuisance weed and vegetation management.   For our residential customers, Eden offers the ability to add bark bed weed maintenance to their service program. This service compliments their enhanced service program that is designed to protect the home owners’ property from NW pests […]

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Bed bugs are coming – Are you ready? HUD Is.

Do you manage multifamily housing? HUD does, and recommends the use IPM to all of its owners and managers in the face of large-scale bed bug infestations in every major city. In a notice issued August 16th, 2011, HUD detailed what it expected of its “owners and management agents (O/As)”, as well as its tenants. […]

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Dead Mouse Found in Monster Drink Can

A Washington man is suing the maker of Monster Energy Drinks after finishing a can of the beverage and finding a dead mouse in the bottom. Vitaliy Sulzhik of Federal Way purchased the drink at a Fred Meyer in Des Moines and noticed it still felt heavy after he had polished off the contents. “Then […]

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5 Signs You Should Call For Pest Control

Many pest control situations can be handled with home remedies or purchased products, but others, such as wood-destroying pests, bed bugs, disease bearers and out-of-control infestations, will generally require the help of a professional pest control service. But how do you know when a pest control situation has gotten out of hand? Below are warning […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Use Green Pest Control

So you have a home pest infestation. Now what? If you’re going to call a professional, you want to make sure they do a thorough job. On the other hand, you don’t want them to be too keen on using toxic chemicals that can be a danger to your family and harmful to the environment. […]

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EPA Accepts New Member Into Environmental Stewardship Program

Eden Advanced Pest Technologies has been accepted into Bronze level membership of the EPA’s Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP). The PESP is a voluntary program that forms partnerships with pesticide users to reduce the potential health and environmental risks associated with pesticide use and implement pollution prevention strategies. As a Bronze member, Eden Advanced Pest […]

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Three at Eden Become Associate Certified Entomologists!

Portland, Oregon – May 18, 2010 – Eden Advanced Pest Technologies’ Ben Danielson, Cody Pace and Stan Dawkins passed their Associate Certified Entomology (A.C.E.) exam, making them 3 out of the 343 A.C.E.’s in the country and the only A.C.E.’s in Washington State. In order for a person to become an A.C.E. they must satisfy […]

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What it means to be an Integrated Pest Management Company

One of the most frequently asked questions that we hear from the public is, “What makes your company different from all the other pest control companies?” Our answer, “Sustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM)… working with nature, not against it.” Eden is not your average pest control company.  Eden’s IPM approach pinpoints the source of a […]

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