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“Super” Lice on the Rise: What You Need to Know

As if regular lice weren’t already on a parent’s list of nightmarish situations, mutant lice are now invading schools across the U.S. When it comes to pest control, Washington is the first states in the Northwest to deal with “super” lice. This means that the lice developed genes that protect them against permethrin, or pyrethroid, […]

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Pest Control News: Fumigation Gone Wrong & Why You Should Turn to Integrated Pest Management

In spring 2015, a Delaware family staying in a luxury villa in the U.S. Virgin Islands fell ill after they were exposed to methyl bromide, a harmful pesticide. A few months later, a 10-year-old boy was hospitalized for two weeks after his family hired an exterminator to fumigate their south Florida home. The boy’s exposure […]

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Oregon Pest Control News: Portland Bans Pesticides that Are Harmful to Bees

2015 has been a good year for bees so far, according to Perdue researchers in an April 2015 Pest Control Technology article. The article states that a greater percentage of honeybees survived the recent winter better, as it wasn’t as cold as last year. Integrated pest management experts state that honeybee populations have declined by […]

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Keeping Your Own Personal Eden Pest-Free [Infographic]

In our first Eden culture infographic, you learned about the Eden family and the values of our Oregon and Washington pest control offices. Today, we highlight some of the commercial industries that Eden serves and the pest control service offered to commercial and residential clients. Eden is about more than just pest control and prevention. […]

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Before You Deck the Halls, Inspect!

‘Tis the season for boughs of holly, merry wreaths, cozy fires and freshly cut Christmas trees—not accidentally bringing bee hives, termites, spiders or other pests into your home. Before bringing outdoor elements into your home, Washington and Oregon pest management experts urge you to inspect them well for unwanted guests. Put the following tips on […]

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What’s in Your Pantry? Eden’s Guide to Pantry Pests

During the holidays, you may have more than crackers, baking supplies and cereal in your pantry. Washington and Oregon pest control professionals state that the pantry is a prime area for pests because it offers an abundance of food. Save yourself the unpleasantness of discovering a critter infestation in your food with our tips. Common […]

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The Importance of Pollinator Health

Last year, Oregon pest management professionals reported the sudden death of 50,000 bees—about 300 colonies—in the Wilsonville area and a similar incident in Hillsboro after spraying insecticides containing imidacloprid and dinotefuran in trees. Bee populations nationwide decline between 23 and 34 percent every year. In response to these and other incidents, agencies like the U.S. […]

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Integrated Pest Management in Schools: Be Safe This Halloween!

The only bugs and rodents that kids should see during this time of year are those made of plastic. After all, the rubbery spider hanging from the ceiling is a classic. With the emergence of pests starting to overwinter, Washington and Oregon pest control experts remind schools and parents to practice integrated pest management, or […]

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Meet our Family of Professionals: Jesse Huie, Integrated Pest Management Specialist

We are so proud of all of our team members and are excited to share more about what makes them great! Jesse Huie has been a wonderful asset to our company for over 10 years working with Eden Pest’s Olympia team, providing quality and personable Integrated Pest Management services to customers in Gig Harbor, Kitsap […]

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Integrating Pest Management Seamlessly with Tenant Expectations

Pest control is an important step toward keeping tenants happy, but there is such a thing as going too far. According to a Denver apartment tenant in a recent news story, her property manager hired a pest control service to spray the building every two weeks to help control bed bugs and cockroaches. The problem, […]

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