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Eden’s Trip to Haiti is reported in the News Tribune and The Olympian.

Jack Marlowe and four employees from his Olympia-based pest control firm volunteered for a week in Haiti in September to battle bugs and rats plaguing three hospitals. They were among 20 professional exterminators with the National Pest Management Association on the trip, tackling dangerous pest problems in Haitian hospitals. “There’s incredible rubble and bad sanitation, […]

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Haiti Trip – Day 2

                                                                                                                                                                                              9/16/2010 Uniformed Haitian Men – each with a shotgun in hand – guarded the University of Miami’s Haitian Hospital where we spent day 2 of our journey. When the doctors approved our arrival they opened the large metal gates and we immediately recognized encouraging differences in the organization, sanitization, and cooperation (not to mention […]

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Haiti – Day 1

9/15/2010 This morning was somewhat a blur…Those of us that flew into Miami last night met in the lobby at our hotel to load up boxes of product and equipment while those that caught red eyes and early morning flights met at the airport. When we landed in Haiti we were bussed to the customs […]

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Project Help Haiti: the Preparation Process

As you may have heard in our latest Press Release, Eden is sending five pest professionals to help with pest relief in Haiti. As these five prepare for their trip (September 13-18) they have realized how intensive the process is. There are mulitple shots and medications needed as well as insect repellents and specialty items. […]

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