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Beat Bugs at Your BBQ with Eugene Pest Management Tips

Insects are the ultimate summer BBQ crashers. The smell that comes from your grill is hypnotic; sweet drinks are irresistible; and water becomes the perfect thirst quencher. Eugene pest management for your cookout starts with pest prevention tricks you can implement before, during and after your outdoor festivities. Common BBQ Crashers Mosquitoes: The bloodsuckers of […]

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Eugene Pest Control Service Offers Tips for Combating Spiders

Most Northwest spiders are harmless, but Eugene pest management companies warn that the arachnids that don’t like to play nice tend to multiply and come out when the weather warms. Spiders are one of the most common pests in Eugene. Pest control service professionals offer the following knowledge about the spiders you may encounter, as […]

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10 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

The obvious benefit of hiring a local pest control company is getting rid of the unwanted rodent or insect visitors in your home. What you may not realize, however, is that there are several additional benefits of hiring a Eugene pest control service. When you get in touch with a Eugene pest management company, a […]

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Pest Control for Your Compost

Many Northwest cities facilitate programs that teach residents how to compost their own food waste. For instance, educational composting programs are city-funded in both Portland and Eugene. Pest management professionals, however, have a special view on the kind of residential pest control problems that can stem from composting. From Seattle to Eugene, pest control precautions […]

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Eugene Pest Management Professionals See Uptick in Bed Bugs

Eugene pest management professionals are witnessing an increase in the number of bed bugs in Lane County. What was an epidemic in East Coast cities is now a problem on the West Coast, including Eugene. Pest control service representatives are also seeing bed bugs in Portland, Seattle and even smaller cities such as Salem. Here’s […]

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Summer Party Lighting: How to Discourage Outdoor Pests from Swarming

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy an evening on your patio, surrounded by friends as the sun goes down. However, outdoor lighting often attracts bugs. Here in the Pacific Northwest, your party goers could be ducking their heads as moths the size of quarters swerve toward the lights. To prevent bugs from killing your […]

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Eugene Pest Control: Common Pests in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene pest control service professionals see all kinds of critters as they make their home pest inspection rounds, but certain pests are more common than others in the Emerald City. Eugene’s location in the agricultural Mecca that is the Willamette Valley means there is plenty of vegetation for pests to munch on, so it’s no […]

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