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Is Your Birdfeeder Causing a Rodent Problem?

Is your home clean enough to host the Queen of England at any given moment, yet still seems to attract rodents? If so, your Eugene pest control company may advise you to take a look at your birdfeeder. It’s possible that effective rodent pest control can be as simple as taking a break from feeding […]

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How to Avoid Creepy-Crawly Pests this Halloween

Rubber bats hanging on the porch and plastic spiders spinning cotton webs – many common Halloween decorations play on the innate fear we have of creepy-crawlies. Unfortunately, as you dress up your home for the festivities this season, real-life pests may be moving into your home while your back is turned. To avoid having to […]

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3 Ways Your Eugene Landscape May Invite Pest Infestations

Regardless of how wonderful you think your landscaping looks, our Eugene pest control service pros warn that it may also look inviting to pests. When your yard provides a safe haven, pests may start to get curious about your home and invite themselves inside. That’s why, during a home pest inspection, your Eugene pest control […]

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Ant Control Tips For Spring

The ants go marching one by one… into your house. As the spring weather starts to warm, it’s common for a Eugene pest control company to start getting more and more calls about these picnic-crashing and kitchen-invading pests. Instead of waiting for the ants to make an appearance in your home, take preventative action now. […]

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