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Climate Change Forces Mountain Pine Beetle to Migrate to the Pacific Northwest

Climate change impacts more than just polar bears and ocean animals; it’s also causing insects like the mountain pine beetle to migrate to new lands. Commercial pest control services share that the beetle’s favorite food are pine trees, especially mature lodgepole pine trees. Consequently, coniferous trees throughout the Pacific Northwest have fallen victim to the […]

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A flea? A bed bug? No, it’s a carpet beetle!

Is it a flea? Is it a bed bug? No, it’s a carpet beetle! In today’s world, we’re all a little paranoid when it comes to anything with more than four legs. For some of us, insects have always been gross. For others, the modern-day outbreak of bed bugs has us constantly on alert. Either […]

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Commercial Pest Control: What Exclusion is and Why You Should Do It

In today’s greener marketplace, pest exclusion is an essential component of any commercial pest management plan. Gone are the days of commercial pest control services blanketing a facility with powerful chemicals to wipe out an infestation. These days, more businesses are choosing to apply the principles of integrated pest management, a more holistic and healthy […]

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Bed Bug Pest Control for Hospitals

Hospital pest control is a real challenge. Despite the modern sanitation and cleanliness practices of most hospitals, pests of all sorts seem to find their way in. This is partly due to the fact that hospitals are large complexes, with many entryways and exits. Hospitals are also high-traffic areas, with patients, doctors visitors and staff […]

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Commercial Pest Management: Creating a Bed Bug Response Plan

Many hotels and rental properties across the country have suffered bed bug infestations in the past couple of years, and it’s not only lowbrow establishments that have had to call for bed bug pest control. Indeed, even that paragon of elegance and luxury, the Waldorf Astoria, has been sued for bed bug damages. Those who […]

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Back to School: Benefits of Integrated Pest Management for Schools

Public concern over the use of pesticides on the rise, and a big reason is the health impacts these chemicals can have on children. Considering that children spend a large chunk of their waking hours at school, some states have placed a high priority on ensuring the least amount of pesticides possible are being used […]

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Pest Control Spotlight: Green Bottle Fly

Shoo fly, don’t bother me! This well-known children’s song was written in 1869, and it’s still applicable today. Green bottle flies may have very well inspired this rhyme – they’re one the most irritating parts of summer in cities across Oregon, including Eugene. Pest control begins with understanding the species you’re dealing with, so we’ve […]

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Hospital Pest Control: Common Pests and Eco-Friendly Tactics

If there’s one place that should be picky about commercial pest control services, it’s hospitals. Hospital pest control is about more than just eliminating irritating insects – it’s also a method of promoting and protecting patients’ health. Because pests often carry dangerous diseases, health administrators appreciate the importance of practicing excellent pest control. Commercial pest […]

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Commercial Pest Management Companies: What to Look for, What to Expect

When the presence of insects or other pests is negatively impacting your business, it’s hard to know how to choose a commercial pest management company. After all, selecting commercial pest control services is generally not covered in business courses. And although you might normally take your time scouting out vendors, commercial pest management isn’t something […]

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