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Eden Pest Knows Bugs: There are over 12,000 known species of ants in the world

Scientists have officially recorded over 12,000 species of ants found throughout the world. As of June 3, 2013,, a collaborative effort by scientists to pool together information on ants, includes a list of 12,762 species! North America serves as home to roughly 1,000 ant species. Lucky for Washington and Oregon residents, only a handful […]

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Residential Pest Control: Termites vs. Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants and termites have a lot more in common than most people would think – especially when it comes to pest control. Termites and carpenter ants are, in fact, responsible for a large chunk of residential pest control house calls each year. This is because both are wood destroyers, and wood damage remains the […]

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5 Spring Portland Pest Control Problems

Springtime in the Portland area brings a lot of great things: bluebells, cherry blossoms and song birds, just to name a few. Unfortunately, spring can also bring some unwanted houseguests as well. No, we’re not talking about Aunt Beatrice or your mother-in-law – the unwanted houseguests in question are native Pacific Northwest pests. Many nasty […]

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Types of Ants and What They Do

Ask any professional pest control company and they will say the same thing: The number one household pest in America is the ant. Ants are quite beneficial to have surrounding your house – they aerate the soil and kill off other pests such as termites, bed bugs and flies. But there are quite a few […]

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Buying a Home? Don’t Skip the Pest Inspection

If you’re like most people, buying a new home is a huge investment. It requires making sure everything is in good condition before you sign any papers. Some homeowners, however, forget one important aspect of the whole process: pest inspections. This is an unfortunate oversight, as pest infestations can lower the value of your home […]

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Do You Know What’s in Your Woodpile?

A fireplace or wood stove can be a wonderful, cozy way to heat your home in winter and save on electricity bills. However, the firewood you use to fuel your problem can become a pest control problem if not properly stored. The woodpile is a common source of home pest infestation, as it makes a […]

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The Incredible World of Carpenter Ants

In the world of carpenter ants there are two things that are the upmost importance to them, increasing the size of the colony and the survival of the colony.  When a carpenter ant colony moves into a structure and begins increasing in size, one of the first things that they do is pick out two […]

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Ant Attack   Eden team cheap nba jerseys member, Scott, Answer stumbled upon this bizarre occurrence during a routine apartment inspection.  After discovering a nest Etnia of Aphaenogaster ants (aka Funnel Ants) he then noticed a Carpenter Ant eating their larvae and stealing their The nesting materials.  Soon the Aphaenogaster ants began – attacking the Carpenter […]

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The Ants Come Marching

The cold weather of winter has done some of cheap nba jerseys our work for us by eliminating ant colonies that were exposed. However, warming trends and increasing hours of daylight will begin to make ants, and other pest species emerge. Carpenter ants, as they become active, often expel winged males as early as February. […]

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