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Quit Bugging Me: Overcoming the Bed Bug’s Bite [Infographic]

Bed bugs are a big problem across the U.S. that almost every pest professional has treated in the past year. This Infographic examines how bed bugs made a comeback, signs of an infestation and the pest’s life cycle. Learn where the bugs are most likely to appear, which U.S. cities are bed bug hotspots, and […]

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It’s National Bed Bug Awareness Week (June 7th-13)!

Bed bugs are more than creatures in children’s nursery rhymes. They’re a serious problem across the country, and bed bug pest control experts want you to be prepared as the summer travel season begins. In addition to homes and hotels, bed bugs are popping up in unexpected locations, such as New York City’s Central Synagogue.  […]

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A New Model of Evolution: A Look at Bed Bugs

You don’t have to wait millions of years to witness evolution. A February 2015 article the New York Times  by Carl Zimmer states that it’s happening right now with bed bugs. Zimmer reports that scientific studies reveal that some bed bugs are actively becoming a new species. While this is bad news for the public, […]

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Bug-Bourne Illnesses Making their Way to the US

As if bed bug bites aren’t bad enough on their own, new research shows that beg bugs may transmit the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite that cause Chagas disease, a condition that can lead to heart failure. While there aren’t any reported cases of humans contracting the disease from bed bugs, Oregon and Washington pest control experts […]

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Eden Pest Knows Bugs: Bed Bugs Have Been Plaguing Humans Since Ancient Times

Bed bugs have been the object of human nightmares for over 3,500 years. Artifacts show that the ancient Egyptians took advantage of the pests and used them to make an antivenin for snakebites. The ancient Greeks and Romans burned bed bugs to make leeches loosen their grip on human flesh. Since then, the only purpose […]


Summer=Vacation=Hotels=Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs were once a fabled critter that perhaps your grandparents recounted as a childhood concern. For several decades, Americans thought the bugs were history, a problem that only people overseas encountered. Over the last decade, however, bed bugs have made a big comeback in all 50 states—in sanitary and unsanitary conditions alike—and can be […]


Books & Bed Bugs: Pests Invading Libraries around the U.S.

When businesses plan for disasters, they often consider hurricanes, earthquakes, fires or floods – not bed bugs, which are causing libraries around the country to close their doors. The occurrence of bed bugs in public places is a growing trend, and an infestation can shut down operations for several days while a pest control service […]

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Inviting Guests for the Holidays? How to Avoid Catching Bed Bugs

The holidays are a time for friends and family, not bed bugs. With the pests running rampant across the country in apartments, houses and college dorms, it’s okay to feel paranoid about a guest introducing bed bugs into your home, especially if you’ve battled them in the past. Use the following pest control and etiquette […]

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A flea? A bed bug? No, it’s a carpet beetle!

Is it a flea? Is it a bed bug? No, it’s a carpet beetle! In today’s world, we’re all a little paranoid when it comes to anything with more than four legs. For some of us, insects have always been gross. For others, the modern-day outbreak of bed bugs has us constantly on alert. Either […]

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Bed Bug Pest Control for Hospitals

Hospital pest control is a real challenge. Despite the modern sanitation and cleanliness practices of most hospitals, pests of all sorts seem to find their way in. This is partly due to the fact that hospitals are large complexes, with many entryways and exits. Hospitals are also high-traffic areas, with patients, doctors visitors and staff […]

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