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Olympia and Seattle Bed Bug Problems Mapped Out

Olympia bed bugs are no different from other bed bugs you might encounter. They are small, wingless insects that can’t jump, but there are plenty of reasons people fear them. A bed bug’s super power is in the way it multiplies, hides and is impervious to toxins – all key reasons why these bloodthirsty insects […]

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3 Reasons We Love Bed Bugs

At Eden, our job is to eliminate bed bugs. So why do we love them so much? The answer is simple: The challenges of bed bug pest control has helped our local pest control company – and many others – develop safer and more effective ways to control pests. While nobody wants to deal with […]

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New York Artist Turns Bed Bug Pest Control Problem into Street Art

The only time bed bugs are cool is when New York artist Hunter Fine uses them as inspiration for his work. Bed bugs, Seattle residents have found, are an ever-expanding problem, particularly in apartment buildings. And the bed bug pest control problem isn’t just limited to Seattle; New York has been hit hard, as well, […]

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We Would Love to Help!

The holiday season is upon us, and unfortunately, so are the bed bugs. This year, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies would like to donate services to those in need – we will be able to help one applicant with a current bed bug infestation. We will be donating time, equipment and expertise during this magical time […]

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How Our Bed Bug Pest Control Program Works

In larger cities like Seattle, bed bugs are ridiculously easy to get and frustratingly difficult to eliminate. There’s no longer one blanket solution for bed bug pest control; rather, getting rid of these bloodsucking pests requires a multi-faceted program carried out over several treatments to ensure the bed bugs are thoroughly eliminated. When plagued by […]

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Bed Bug Gross-Out: Happy Halloween!

When Halloween arrives, people everywhere are suddenly stricken with the irresistible compulsion to gross themselves out by watching gory movies, visiting haunted houses and otherwise surrounding themselves with blood and guts. We’ve got something even better to get your skin crawling: a magnified time-lapse video of a bed bug dining on human flesh. Across North […]

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Bed Bug Pest Control: How Bed Bugs Affect Your Life

The need for bed bug pest control has exploded in the last couple of years. Pest control professionals are now reporting bed bug infestations in all fifty states, and virtually every pest control provider has responded to a call for bed bug pest control. And, according to Pest Control Technology magazine, 84 percent of pest […]

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