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We Don’t Kill Bats, and Why You Shouldn’t Either

Do you have bats in your Roseburg, OR, attic? If so, don’t panic or try to exterminate them on your own. Bats can carry harmful microorganisms that may make humans very ill; so bat removal should only be attempted by the professionals at Eden Pest. Despite their less-than-charming reputation, bats are not all bad. They […]

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Winter Bat Prevention and Control

Not only do bats sleep during the day, they hibernate throughout the winter. Washington and Oregon pest control experts warn that if your home is simply accessible, bats may choose it as their hibernation spot. By knowing about common Northwest bats and prevention strategies, you can take strides in thwarting their presence in your home. […]

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5 Disease-Bearing Pests to Watch For

Let’s face it – all household pests are annoying. But while some are harmlessly annoying, others can be carriers of harmful diseases. These disease vectors can spread malaria, tapeworms, Lyme disease, rabies and various forms of fever illnesses. The following are five disease-bearing pests you should watch out for: 1. Ticks and fleas. Everyone knows […]

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Flying Pest Control: Dispelling the Myths about Bats

There are many myths, stories and stereotypes regarding bats. Over the years, people have associated these winged pests with demons, monsters, diseases and crop failure – associations that run the gamut from legitimate concerns to paranoid superstition. Following are three common myths about bats in the Pacific Northwest and the truth behind them, all of […]

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Top 5 Nuisance Birds in the Northwest

Not all pests in the Pacific Northwest are found on or in the ground. Although the region is known for its abundance of bird lovers, there are a number of birds that can take up residence in the upper regions of your home and require professional pest control services for removal. The following are the […]

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Top 3 Most Disgusting Northwest Pests

Ask any Portland pest control service and they’ll tell you: The Pacific Northwest is home to many disgusting home invaders. From bats and bed bugs to rats and spiders, Portland pest control problems can be… unpleasant for many homeowners. If you’re new to the area you may be wondering what types of infestations professional pest […]

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Eden visits Artondale Elementary’s morning preschool class in Gig Harbor.

On Monday, October 12, Cody Pace of Eden’s Seattle Branch, made a visit to his son’s preschool.  With six kids and six Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches it turned out to be an eventful morning. Cody presented a slide show of up-close and personal photographs of the many faces in the insect world. The youngsters were fascinated […]

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